TCP Reliable, Leader in Cold Chain Technology, Recently Acquired Majority Interest in Escort Data Loggers, now Escort Verification Technologies

Published: Mar 25, 2011

Edison, NJ - March 24, 2011 - - Escort Data Loggers was founded in March 1989 and later established operations in the US in 2002. Their primary business is the design and manufacturing of data loggers for monitoring temperature and other environmental conditions.

"The importance of monitoring temperature and humidity conditions during transport and storage is continuing to rise among a number of industries," Maurice Barakat, President and CEO of TCP Reliable said. "TCP Reliable is known for partnering with our clients to provide a comprehensive capability to address their product integrity needs. The addition of the Escort data logger product line was a natural fit for our business."

Charles Whiting will continue in the role as President and CEO of the new EVT. "We're very excited about this new relationship," Whiting said. "It allows us to continue to provide the same superior service to our current customers as well as provide the ability to offer additional products and services to a new market of clients the TCP family currently services."

With the addition of Escort, the TCP Reliable family of companies can provide low cost, one time or multiple use data loggers to put inside a package, warehouse, freezer, or a truck traveling across the country. These products can also be paired with TCP's software affliate, Alternatives Technologies Pharma (ATP), to provide quality compliance solutions tailored to accurately collect and report stored measurement data.

"We are truly at a point where we offer real-time or mission based solutions for the cold chain supply chain," Barakat said. "With ATP and Escort, we can now design and manufacture data loggers, sensors, and various software products and regulatory compliance solutions to measure, store and report temperature for both fixed locations and mobile transport."

About Escort (

Escort Data Loggers Inc was established by Andrew Maskill in 1989 and was formerly known as Tech Innovators Ltd, and more recently as Escort Data Logging Systems Ltd. Through investing in people and research and development, Escort Data Loggers Inc. deliver the latest in cost effective data logging solutions in order to meet their customers ever growing requirements. In 2002 management and fulfillment operations were shifted to the United States and are now located in Virginia. With a focus on building a strong worldwide distributor network, Escort Data Loggers Inc developed distribution partnerships with highly successful organizations throughout Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific.

About The TCP Family of Companies (

The TCP Family of Companies is a complete packaging integrity solutions provider servicing life science industries. The TCP Family consists ofCryopak, the leading manufacturer of cold chain related products, DDL, the leader in product, material and package validation testing for the medical device and biopharmaceutical industries and ATP, the leading provider of cold chain compliance solutions and software for the lifescience industry and healthcare organizations. The TCP Family handles your packaging projects with the paramount goal of helping you get your product to market faster while maintaining the integrity of your products.

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