Target Discovery Inc. And Eastern Virginia Medical School Announce Collaboration To Develop Prostate Cancer Clinical Assays

Published: Mar 21, 2006

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 21, 2006--Target Discovery Inc. announces a collaboration with the Virginia Prostate Center at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia to develop clinical assays, which will provide critical information on tumor aggressiveness and help to guide clinicians and their prostate cancer patients toward an appropriate course of treatment. The first phase of the study involves validating protein isoform biomarkers using Target Discovery's patented mass defect technology. Target Discovery will then integrate validated protein isoform biomarkers into its proprietary Isonostics(TM) clinical platform. Eastern Virginia Medical School will provide both retrospective patient samples and mass spectrometric analysis to support the biomarker and assay validation studies.

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