Synbiosis Release: New ProtoCOL UV Is World’s First Automated UV/Visible Colony Counter and Zone Sizing System

Published: Oct 31, 2008

Frederick, MD: Synbiosis, a world-leading manufacturer of automated microbiological systems, is proud to announce its new multi-application ProtoCOL UV; automated colony counting and zone measurement system is now available. This high specification system will ensure scientists save hours by rapidly, and accurately counting colonies or imaging zones illuminated by UV or white light.

The ProtoCOL UV, based on up-to-the-minute imaging technology, has a high resolution camera inside a light tight darkroom with built in UV and white light, making it the only system currently on the market versatile enough to image fluorescing and visible colonies, as well as inhibition zones. The system is easy to connect to a PC allowing researchers to instantly capture, print and save accurate images in a BMP format. The images can then be used for archiving or analysis with new ProtoCOL V1.4 software, which is included with the system.

The ProtoCOL UV’s universal darkroom is cleverly and safely designed for many different applications. For example, it can accommodate standard pour, spiral or surface inoculated plates, as well as large bioassay and Single Radial Immunodiffusion (SRD) plates. The darkroom has a sliding, auto-locking door to prevent accidental UV exposure and a filter drawer which means scientists can add filters for visualizing naturally fluorescing bacteria, such as Pseudomonas fluorescens, or recombinant E.coli expressing green fluorescent protein.

Martin Smith of Synbiosis stated: “We are delighted to build on the success of our long established ProtoCOL range to produce the next generation with our ProtoCOL UV. The system’s innovative configuration allows scientists to switch effortlessly between visible and UV light and its filter drawer ensures they can image colonies fluorescing across the entire color spectrum if, and when, they need to. Any microbiologist or molecular biologist looking for a cost-effective, multi-application colony counting and zone sizing system will find ProtoCOL UV a perfect solution.”

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