SYGNIS Reinforces Its Proteomics Portfolio With Two Patents Granted In Europe And China

Published: Nov 28, 2016

- Granted patents confirm innovation and novelty of proteomics product range

- Strengthens OEM deals and non-exclusive out licensing possibilities

- Enhences competitive edge supporting expansion

Madrid, Spain, and Heidelberg, Germany, November 28, 2016 – SYGNIS AG (Frankfurt: LIO1; ISIN: DE000A1RFM03; Prime Standard) today announced it had been granted broad patents in Europe and China.

The patent granted by the European Patent Office (EPO) titled: “Methods and Kits for Folding Proteins in the Presence of Linear or Branched Sugar Polymers” covers SYGNIS’ NVoy technology for use in protein folding applications. Proteins require a specific three dimensional confirmation in order to be functional. When proteins of interest, such as protein drugs, are expressed in host cells they often aggregate or misfold. The Nvoy technology uses a novel type of amphipathic polymers which protect the proteins against aggregation and assist with the folding into functional proteins.

The patent granted by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (SIPO), titled: “Protein Detection Reagents and Methods with Dyes and Dextrins” covers protein detection methods. While proteins are invisible to the naked eye researchers often require accurate visualisation and quantitation of these molecules. SYGNIS offers proteomics products such as InstantBlue and Bradford Ultra which enable fast and accurate visible detection and quantitation of proteins. These products are covered by patents worldwide.

Dr. Heikki Lanckriet, Co-CEO and CSO of SYGNIS said: “These new granted patents further corroborate the innovation and novelty of SYGNIS’ proteomics product range. The broad patent coverage obtained for our products gives the Company a strong competitive edge, which will help to facilitate SYGNIS’ global expansion and the related growth in sales and revenues.”

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