Sun Microsystems Inc.' and SimBioSys Enable Faster Pharmaceutical Discovery

In today's competitive pharmaceutical marketplace, making a scientific breakthrough and getting to market first is vital to maximize revenue potential. Identifying quality lead compounds is an important but time-consuming task along the path of drug discovery. Constraints on compute power can often impede progress. The innovative Electronic High

Throughput Screening (eHiTS) software from SimBioSys running on the powerful Sun Grid Compute Utility (offered via Sun's gives organizations a new way to accomplish fast, accurate docking of ligands to target receptors by using a secure, affordable, and scalable on-demand compute utility resource.

eHiTS offers new approaches to accurately score ligand and receptor interactions as well as to account for all conformation and protonation changes that occur during the binding process in the molecular docking and screening steps of drug discovery. The application fills the drug discovery pipeline faster by automating searches of compound libraries, identifying lead candidates rapidly, and reducing time to solve molecular docking challenges with the scalable power of its innovative algorithms running on Sun Grid Compute Utility.

Pressure to solve research problems faster can cause strain for scientific teams. Frustrations increase as outside factors, such as limits on compute resources, add delays. The Sun Grid Compute Utility gives enterprises the ability to quickly augment in-house processing by providing pay-per-use access to compute power with no long term contracts, no hidden fees, and no reservations required. Using a secure network connection, pharmaceutical companies can easily harness hundreds of CPUs within the Sun Grid Compute Utility at a predictable price of $1/CPU-hour.

Some of the top challenges within the Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery Industry include: * Enormous Computing Resource * Security of Protecting Sensitive Data * High Computing Infrastructure and Power Costs * Computing Scalability * Discovery Accuracy * Time to discovery * ROI

In search of a solution to these challenges, SimBioSys Inc. has developed innovative, leading edge software that enables users to find and optimize lead drug candidates faster and with greater ease and accuracy. For over 20 years, Sun has continued to create innovative high performance computing solutions, like the Sun Grid Compute Utility, that help organizations run larger numbers of compute tasks faster. Together, SimBioSys and Sun offer a powerful solution for simplifying and accelerating molecular docking research projects, enabling organizations to speed discovery and move to market faster.

SimBioSys and Sun Microsystems have teamed up to bring a unique solution to the problem of maximizing the computational requirements of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. SimBioSys' eHiTS is a powerful and accurate molecular docking software application ideally suited for massively parallel usage. This application runs on the Sun Grid Compute Utility, using a new model for high performance computing. The Sun Grid Compute Utility provides users with access to vast quantities of compute power without the need to invest in the hardware, infrastructure or personnel to manage and maintain that compute power. For a set price of $1 per CPU hour, Sun allows users to run jobs on the Sun Grid Compute Utility on demand. The on demand nature of the system is key to allowing companies to maximize their computational resources. It is often a challenge to maintain the correct amount of computational power inhouse, too much hardware can be a waste, while too little can result in lost opportunities. The Sun Grid Compute Utility can be used when the demands of specific projects exceed the available inhouse resources. In smaller organizations, maintaining large computer systems, with the associated infrastructure and personnel, may not make economical sense especially if those systems are only to be used sporadically. The Sun Grid Compute Utility is a great alternative for those organizations.

Benefits and Realized ROI include: * Improved Time to Market * Faster Drug Discovery * Less Cost * More Scalability * More Accessible Computing Power * On Demand Computing Utility

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