Strem Chemicals, Inc. and Codexis, Inc. Sign Enzyme Distribution Agreement

Published: Feb 19, 2013

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. & REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Strem Chemicals, Inc., a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for research and development and Codexis, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDXS), a developer of world-leading enzymes and processes for the production of pharmaceuticals, biofuels and bio-based chemicals, today announced the signing of an enzyme distribution agreement. The agreement grants Strem exclusive distribution rights for the new 100mg CODEX® Screening Kits for Codexis’ popular Transaminase and Ketoreductase enzyme platforms. These enzymes enable efficient conversion of ketones to chiral alcohols or amines. The screening kits contain enzymes evolved with proprietary CodeEvolver® directed evolution technology. The resulting enzymes are designed to work at industrial process conditions while reducing cost and waste. They will be available through Strem’s overnight delivery service so that researchers are able to quickly screen a small number of diverse biocatalysts to pick the best solution.

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