Stratos Genomics Achieves Major Technical Milestone and Adds Tim Hunkapiller to Science Advisory Board

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - February 20, 2013) -

Stratos Genomics Inc today announced that it has reached its next significant milestone by achieving single molecule DNA sequencing of 100+ base templates with its patented "Sequencing by Expansion™" (SBX™) technology. Stratos Genomics also announced the addition of Tim Hunkapiller, co-inventor of four-color Sanger sequencing, to its Science Advisory Board (SAB).

"Stratos Genomics' most recent results demonstrate that its Xpandomer chemistry has transcended the hype rife in the nanopore arena, and has clearly set the performance bar for everyone else," Tim Hunkapiller said. "By concentrating more on the chemistry and target molecule, Stratos Genomics' inexpensive approach can help overcome many of the limitations of other nanopore platform technologies. With scale up, this methodology has the potential to finally deliver on the promise of single-molecule, nanopore sequencing."

"We are very pleased to announce these two important events for Stratos Genomics," Allan Stephan, Chief Executive Officer, said. "Our talented team of researchers and scientists has been working diligently for several years to achieve the latest milestone. Adding Tim Hunkapiller to our SAB is a validation of our efforts, and we look forward to having his perspective as we continue to bring ultra-low-cost sequencing closer to reality."

Stratos Genomics' SBX technology is an efficient, low-cost DNA preparation method that rescales a DNA target into a longer surrogate polymer. This surrogate, called an Xpandomer, encodes the sequence information in high signal-to-noise reporters. This rescaling enables high-fidelity, single molecule detection of long sequences using compact, low cost, nanopore instruments or other measurement technologies. Watch a video of the technology at work.

Tim Hunkapiller has been involved in bringing technology to biological research for thirty years. While at Caltech, he was a co-inventor of the original, and still gold-standard, four-color Sanger DNA sequencing technology used to produce the first human genome. He also led the team, including members from NASA's jet propulsion laboratory, that developed the first special-purpose computer designed specifically for the analysis of molecular sequences. At Caltech and as a faculty member of the University of Washington, he combined his interest in bioinformatics with research on molecular evolution, immunology and genomics. As a consultant and principal of Discovery Biosciences, he has worked with leading life science technology and informatics companies to help design, develop and deliver novel tools to the life sciences market. He has also been involved in numerous start-up groups in this field.

About Stratos Genomics Inc
Stratos Genomics' goal is to establish the next gold standard of DNA sequencing with its "Sequencing by Expansion™" (SBX™) method. SBX is a simple, elegant, single-molecule detection process that circumvents the limitations of competing technologies, allowing accurate, ultra-low-cost whole genome sequencing. Established in 2007, Stratos Genomics Inc. is a spin-off of Seattle-based Stratos Group LLC.

About Stratos Group LLC
Stratos Group is dedicated to the conversion of science and technology into commercial solutions for the advancement of mankind and the protection of the environment. Also under the Stratos Group umbrella is Stratos Product Development LLC. Stratos Product Development LLC is a world leader in innovation and high tech product development services.

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