Stramsen Biotech, Inc Announces Six Drug / Medicine Candidates Currently in Early-Stage Clinical Trials


HOUSTON, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Stramsen Biotech, Inc, a professional group of medicine researchers from the Houston, Texas area consists of scientists who dedicate their lives every day to exploring and researching both the processes and scientific mechanisms underlying the world we live in today. Team members have received several awards and grants for research projects, with many of their projects and publications available upon request. Members include PhD and University level professors who specialize in chemistry, medicine and various biotechnology research projects. This group of experienced scientists has been involved extensively in medical research for over 20 years. 

Stramsen Biotech, Inc has over six drug/medicine candidates currently in early-stage clinical trials. Two drug/medicine candidates have shown promising results in early clinical trials for treatment of HIV / AIDS. A third drug candidate has also shown promising results in early clinical trials for treatment of many types of wounds and cuts, including diabetic wounds. A fourth medicine candidate shows promising results in early clinical trials for treating the common Flu and Covid-19. The fifth notable drug candidate, targeting chronic and advance stage cancers, has also shown promising results in early clinical trials. Lastly, a sixth candidate in the form of a vaccine shows promising clinical trial results for Newcastle disease, an infection of domestic poultry and other bird species with the virulent Newcastle disease virus (NDV).

Stramsen Biotech, Inc are Focused Scientists, from coming up with the initial idea for a research project to carrying out the actual experiments and analyzing the results, they are totally committed to their work and upholding the tradition of scientific inquiry. As a professional Group of Medicine Researchers in Houston, Texas, they have the skills and experience to scientifically investigate a variety of diseases. Get in touch to learn more about their research projects, past and current work, or information on becoming an investor.

Interested private investors are encouraged to call or email Stramsen Biotech, Inc for more information about the company's team of scientists and ongoing medical research projects. Funds support the company's next clinical trial phases, additional medicine discoveries and research projects.

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