Stop Drinking Expert Ready to Help London Problem Drinkers Quit, in One Day

LONDON, Dec. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Reports from the World Health Organisation indicate global alcohol use is on the rise with 3.3 million annual deaths around the world attributed to alcohol consumption. In response to this upward trend, leading sobriety coach, Craig Beck is bringing his live Quit Drinking Bootcamp to Covent Garden, London.

"As a former heavy drinker myself, I fully understand how miserable alcohol addiction can be," said Beck. "I also know that many drinkers nonetheless don't consider themselves 'alcoholics' and don't want to stand up in a room full of strangers and label themselves as such."

"My approach is unique, because it is the only program that does not fall back on willpower as a means to quit drinking. Twelve step programs and even rehab require the drinker to force themselves to stay away from the thing they want most in the world. This rarely works, in fact willpower has a 95% failure rate when it comes to problem drinking".

Beck's Quit Drinking Bootcamp is set to arrive in London on Jan 12, 2019. From there, his upcoming tour will venture to Nashville, USA and Toronto, Canada in March. Additional venues will be added over the course of the tour depending on demand. Booking information and further details are available through the Stop Drinking Expert website.

Sources note Beck's seminars cover a wide range of relevant topics, such as the reason for high failure rates of traditional addiction treatments. Methods for controlling cravings and avoiding withdrawal are likewise explained. Understanding the enormous benefits of sobriety and handling social situations without alcohol is additionally among Beck's areas of expertise. Seminars are surrounded by full discretion with personal information, and identity kept confidential at all times.

Concluded Beck: "More and more people are turning to alcohol to cope with stress. Wine-o-clock is becoming a dangerously frequent part of our week. So many people can see the harm their drinking is causing to themselves and their loved ones. Sadly, they just don't know how to stop.

Over the years, I've grown to understand the drinking mind better than anyone else, and I'm proud to have helped more than 50,000 people transform their lives. I am hoping to help as many people in London as I can."

About Stop Drinking Expert:

Dedicated to transforming people's lives, Craig Beck, a 44 year old British man who has become known as The Stop Drinking Expert helps people quit drinking without willpower, cravings or embarrassing group therapy through first hand experience and far-reaching expertise.

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Craig Beck ABNLP, ABHYP, DhP.

+1 844 384 4656

Stop Drinking Expert, 3811 Ditmars Blvd #1074, Astoria, NY 11105, New York, United States of America

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