StemCell Technologies Inc. Signs Exclusive License With Propagenix To Commercialize Epix, An Innovation Empowering Epithelial Cell Biology And Cell Therapy

Published: Sep 20, 2017

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--STEMCELL Technologies has signed an exclusive license with Propagenix of Rockville, MD to commercialize its patented EpiX™ technology, a novel and revolutionary cell culture medium that enables unprecedented expansion of tissue-resident epithelial stem cells without any genetic manipulation.

EpiX™ outperforms current state-of-the-art cell culture systems, which typically yield fewer than 20 population doublings before the cells senesce. Epithelial stem cells derived from many tissue types can be propagated more than a trillion-fold in Epix™. The expanded cells are genetically stable, are not tumorigenic, and can be readily differentiated into tissue-specific phenotypes even after extensive expansion.

Dr. Allen Eaves, STEMCELL’s President and CEO, commented that “We are pleased to enter into this partnership with Propagenix, which will enable us to offer an important tool to the scientific community. We expect EpiX™ to offer unparalleled performance generating epithelial cells useful for countless downstream applications.”

“Propagenix is excited to partner with STEMCELL to bring EpiX™ technology to the global research market”, stated Dr. Brian Pollok, Propagenix’s President and CEO. “Their expertise and dedication in supporting the stem cell research community with unique technologies was a deciding factor in our working with STEMCELL.”


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About Propagenix

Propagenix is a preclinical-stage regenerative medicine company applying its unique and proprietary technologies to internal and partnered cell therapy programs. Propagenix’s technology platform has proven ability for propagating tissue-resident epithelial stem cells of diverse tissue origins with unparalleled production efficiency, reliable safety, and predictable in vivo functionality. In addition to cell therapeutics, Propagenix’s technology addresses key bottlenecks in using primary cell models for drug discovery and toxicology, as well as creating new possibilities for use of patient-specific samples for precision medicine applications in oncology and respiratory disease. Visit

STEMCELL Technologies
Benjamin Thiede, Sr. Business Development Officer
Propagenix, Inc.
Brian Pollok, President and CEO

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