Spectrum Antimicrobials, Inc. Announces the Launch of its Animal Health Division

PETALUMA, Calif., Dec. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spectrum Antimicrobials, Inc., announces the launch of Vetricept Skin and Wound Care Cleanser, the first product launch in the Company’s new Animal Health Division. Vetricept uses a new patent pending formula developed for advanced wound care. Vetricept contains a modified chemistry containing hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is naturally produced by mammalian immune systems to control and fight infection.

Brad Gordon, DVM, Chief Medical Director of the Animal Health Division stated, “After fifteen years of using hypochlorous acid-based products on wounds and surgical sites, the improvements made to the base chemistry used in Vetricept could result in significant advancements in wound care and may become a game changer for animal care. The new technology stays active in the presence of blood serum and other organic loads, unlike all other versions of HOCl. While the industry experienced modestly positive outcomes with earlier versions of HOCl based products, Vetricept can provide veterinarians with a better and more consistent clinical outcomes by using our more powerful chemistry.”

Successful wound healing requires an effective debridement of the wound bed to remove necrotic tissue and unwanted bioburdens while maintaining a moist wound environment to allow wound closure and healing. Vetricept provides an outstanding solution for cleansing wounds and provides an immediate reduction of inflammation, and topical itch and pain, key factors in the treatment of wounds.

Spectrum has recently donated more than 1,000 units of Vetricept to University of California (UC) Davis Veterinarian School of Medicine for use on injured wildlife and domesticated animals due to the recent Northern California wildfires.

In response to California wildfires earlier this year, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine deployed its Veterinary Emergency Response Team (VERT) to join county-based animal control officers in their animal search and rescue operations. The teams, comprising of faculty veterinarians, staff and students, provided triage and first aid care behind fire lines for four days during the LNU Lightning Complex fire and 19 days during the Bear Fire/North Complex fire. In addition, they had teams providing veterinary medical care at emergency animal shelters, caring for their wounds daily. They treated animals with burns and other wounds, including cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, pheasants, sheep, goats, and horses.

“Vetricept will help our teams’ care for these animals in future outreach behind the fire lines and in emergency animal shelters,” said VERT’s Coordinator, Dr. Lais Costa, MV, MS, PhD, DACVIM, DABVP. “We will also share the generous supply with services within the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital that treat animal survivors of these devastating wildfires. We are grateful for this generous donation to help us to be of service for animals in need.”

William Watson, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Global Sales added, “There are over 90 million cats and dogs, and over 9 million horses in the United States with over 100,000 veterinarians that work in over 35,000 clinics. Our goal is to bring innovative products to the market to treat the most common animal conditions.

Our partners are the Animal Health Professionals that operate clinics, and our goal is to create products using our new platform technologies that can dramatically improve outcomes for the animals treated. Spectrum is anticipating the launch of other Animal Health products in the U.S. and internationally in 2021. Our planned product launches include a wound healing hydrogel, which is designed for use in wound care.”

About Spectrum Antimicrobials, Inc.

Spectrum Antimicrobials, Inc. is an Infection Control Solutions Company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative HOCl-based chemistry platforms created for the treatment and prevention of infection in the healthcare industry. Our products contain broad spectrum antimicrobial actives that are highly effective against bacteria, virus, mold, fungi, and spores, including antibiotic resistant pathogens known as “Superbugs”. Many of our novel platform chemistries were designed as therapeutics to reduce patient treatment times and the economic impact on community and hospital acquired infections.

In 2021, the Company plans to advance several of its therapeutic programs into human clinical studies in the areas of wound care, sinus care, and pulmonary care. For information about the company, please visit www.spectrumantimicrobials.com. If you have an interest in learning about becoming an investor in the company, please visit www.investors.spectrumantimicrobials.com.

For further information about Vetricept, please visit our web site at www.vetricept.com, or contact:

Richard Zimmer, Vice President of Sales
Animal Health Division

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