Somnus Therapeutics Inc. Developing Medication to Prevent Middle-of-the-Night Awakening with No Adverse Effects on Next Day Performance

Published: Jun 09, 2010

SAN ANTONIO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Many insomnia sufferers fall asleep readily but have trouble sleeping through the night. Middle-of-the-night (MOTN) awakening is an issue not well-addressed by currently available sleep medications, particularly agents that not only induce sleep immediately, but that can also leave users with unwanted next-day effects, such as sleepiness, as well as impaired motor function, memory and reaction time. Clinical research on SKP-1041, a delayed-release formulation of zaleplon, under development by Somnus Therapeutics, Inc., suggests that SKP-1041 may enable natural sleep induction and prevent MOTN awakening with no residual cognitive or motor effects.

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