Sol-Gel Anti-Acne Clinical Study Shows Significantly Improved Efficacy and Safety

Published: May 18, 2009

Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd, a specialty pharmaceuticals company, announced today results from a recent comparative clinical study. The results demonstrate that the company’s two strength Anti-Acne kits achieved pronounced efficacy and markedly improved tolerability. The study will be presented at the 10th International Congress of Dermatology/ World Congress of International Society of Dermatology in Prague, May 20-23, 2009.

“As early as week two we noted a very early reduction of acne lesions, which was significantly superior to leading commercial products, and at week four a 75 per cent improvement was achieved”, said Stanley Shapiro, PhD, Head of Sol-Gel’s Skin Care Science & Technology unit, who added, “Throughout the study Sol-Gel’s high-strength kits were significantly better tolerated than the two commercial products ”.

The Sol-Gel Anti-Acne kits feature Sol-Gel’s patented drug delivery technology. “In the Sol-Gel kits, the proprietary silica microcapsules encase and continuously release the benzoyl peroxide, enabling a significant increase in efficacy and tolerance in comparison to products containing free benzoyl peroxide,” said Ofer Toledano, PhD, Vice-President of Research and Development.

The principles of the Sol-Gel encapsulation system will also be presented at the Dermatology Congress.

Study Methodology

Participants in the double-blind, controlled and randomized, 4-week, 4-arm parallel groups were randomized to receive one of Sol-Gel’s kits or of a comparable leading commercial products. Safety and tolerability were assessed by the Principal Investigator dermatologist who also evaluated the rates and grades of erythema, edema, dryness, scaling/peeling, stinging/burning, itching and skin tightness. Efficacy was assessed by lesions count, including total lesions count, inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions and Investigator Global Assessment (IGA) by improvement of Severity Score.

Sol-Gel’s Anti-Acne Kits

Sol-Gel’s Anti-Acne kits provide a fast-acting, highly-effective and well-tolerated benzoyl peroxide-based acne care program. In contrast to other treatment options, the kits deliver visible reduction of acne as quickly as within three days. After two weeks of therapy, Sol-Gel’s Anti-Acne kits significantly out-perform the leading brand in the resolution of acne and continue to remain substantially more effective with continued use.

The Kits are available in two strengths and provide a comprehensive solution for acne treatment and prevention. Starting with the cleanser, toner and lotion, and optionally adding a spot treatment, the Sol-Gel regimens include timed-release benzoyl peroxide in combination with ingredients that clean, heal and balance the skin. They treat the entire face to reveal clear, blemish-free skin faster – without the dryness and skin irritation caused by other acne treatments.

About Sol-Gel Technologies

Sol-Gel Technologies is a fast-growing specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on enhancing topical pharmaceutical products. Since being founded in 1997, the company has advanced skincare products to market and developed a pipeline of prescription and over-the-counter products, intended to address dermal medical conditions affecting large patient populations.

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