Site Contracts: a Global Assessment From KMR Group

Published: Apr 11, 2012

CHICAGO, Illinois, April 10, 2012 KMR GROUP, a firm specializing on biopharmaceutical R&D performance, is pleased to announce that its current Site Contracts Study will begin this month. It is global in scope. The cycle time analysis assesses the study start-up process from the site contract and regulatory documents perspective.

The survey not only shows each company how their site contracting process compares with other major companies in the industry, but also provides context around more qualitative site contracting practices such as use of master agreements, payment strategies, timing and terms.

Site contract performance is being analyzed from a number of perspectives including the type of site (independent, institution), study phase, therapy area and geography. As this is the third time KMR is conducting this study, the results will also include trends over time.

“Faster contracting times translate into faster study start-up, the most time consuming portion of a clinical trial. By providing companies with reliable, detailed site contract benchmarks as well as an assessment of their own performance, the study will provide each company with information they can directly employ to enhance their site contract strategies and performance improvement efforts,” commented Linda Martin, Principal of KMR Group.

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