Sirona Biochem Announces Development of an Anti-Wrinkle Treatment and Update From J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

Vancouver, British Columbia – January 31, 2018 – Sirona Biochem announced today that the Company is developing an anti-wrinkle therapy.

The compound, LIP-01, was discovered to have a novel mechanism of action and will enter pre-clinical studies as a plumping/smoothing ingredient for aging skin. LIP-01 was tested on human skin cells called “normal human dermal fibroblasts” (NHDF). The treatment of the cells with the compound LIP-01 resulted in an up-regulation of gene expression leading to an activation of the signaling pathway of lipids. The presence of lipid vesicles in fibroblasts treated by compound LIP-01 showed cell differentiation of fibroblasts into lipo-fibroblasts. The increased synthesis of lipids in these cells leads to a plumping effect which is anticipated to fill wrinkles. Sirona’s scientists have also observed proliferation and preservation of fibroblasts when LIP-01 was added, important in countering the declining number of cells observed in aged skin.  The Company and its consultants are building a development plan for this compound which includes a proof-of-concept clinical trial. 

Loss of elasticity and degradation of fat tissue are two markers seen in aging skin, leading to the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Compounds that increase the number and volume of adipocytes (fat cells) can act as plumping, volumizing, and densifying skin agents, thereby reducing the visibility of wrinkle and potentially providing a more youthful look. The global anti-aging market is expected to grow to over $330 Billion USD by 2021 (Reuters, June 2017). Novel solutions are actively being sought out by the dermatology industry to address this.

“There was tremendous interest in these initial results when presented to companies on our recent trip to San Francisco during the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference” said Dr. Howard Verrico, CEO. “The effects of compound LIP-01 on the skin cells suggest that this compound can contribute to improving the quality of dry skin and reduce the signs of aging. Our goal is to develop LIP-01 as a non-invasive treatment for wrinkles by a mechanism very different from dermal fillers and Botox®[1].

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, using Botox® treatment for wrinkles is the most common cosmetic operation performed, generating 3 billion USD in revenue annually. However, Botox® is generally limited to use on the upper third of the face, specifically the frown lines between the eyebrows. Botox® also requires administration by a properly trained professional.

“Our scientists believe these two obstacles could be overcome with a topical therapy which could either replace or augment Botox® treatments. If clinically successful, LIP-01 could exceed Botox in market potential,” Verrico said.

In San Francisco, the Sirona team met with existing potential partners and established new ones in the cosmetic and dermatology industry to discuss both the skin-lightening portfolio and introduce LIP-01. The Company is pleased with the positive outcome of each meeting and is looking forward to continuing discussions during the American Academy of Dermatology Summit next month in San Diego. Several leading dermatologists who were excited by the data will be meeting with the Company to discuss next steps. Sirona Biochem is now in discussions with over a dozen companies regarding various aspects of the Company’s pipeline.

Sirona’s management also met with Obagi’s medical strategic development team to explore opportunities to commercialize its next-generation skin lighteners under a new agreement. The new skin lighteners are superior to its first-generation ones, having a simple synthetic pathway which results in a lower cost of goods. The first-generation compound, TFC-849, has proven difficult to manufacture in a commercially viable process. Obagi Medical under its new ownership will not be proceeding with the development of TFC-849. As a result, Sirona’s skin lightener library is no longer encumbered by restrictive clauses under the former licensing agreement and is now available for licensing world-wide.

BOTOX COSMETIC® is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc. 

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