Sinclair Pharma plc Partners With Sunstar Inc. for Launch of Decapinol Rinse in the US

Published: Dec 08, 2010

December 8, 2010 -- Sinclair Pharma Plc ("Sinclair" or “the Company”: SPH:L), the international specialty pharma company is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Sunstar Americas Inc. (“Sunstar”) for the launch of its FDA approved oral care product, Decapinol® in the United States. The Sunstar Group is one of the top ten oral care companies in the world and is a major player in both the US dental professional and consumer oral care market.

Sinclair’s “ecological” approach to oral hygiene is in marked contrast to the standard antiseptic mouthwashes that currently dominate the $750 million mouthwash market in the United States. Sunstar has already launched a pro-biotic lozenge called PerioBalance® and is already Sinclair’s partner for Aloclair, the patented mouth ulcer gel and mouth rinse, marketed in the Americas under the names GUM Canker-X® and GUM Rincinol®.

This new licence agreement encompasses the launch of the Decapinol® OTC oral rinse under the GUM® brand. The product will be marketed through pharmacies and other retailers across the US to appeal to the health conscious consumer. Simon Youlton, the Commercial Chief Scientific Officer for Sinclair, said: “We aim to emulate the success realised through the consumer education that led to the rise in the probiotic yoghurts for gastric micro flora maintenance in much the same way in oral health. With Sinclair’s delmopinol based alternative to antiseptic mouth rinses and their own PerioBalance® lozenge, Sunstar is well placed to leverage this transition to a healthier, natural approach to daily oral care and has the marketing presence to convey this message.”

The product’s launch in the US is planned for 2011 and both companies anticipate a slow initial build up in sales as the marketing message is developed and rolled out. This new agreement also gives Sunstar an option to license Decapinol® for the Japanese market once the product is registered there, and an option to several other countries where the product is currently not marketed.

Chris Spooner, Chief Executive Officer of Sinclair, commented: “We chose to initiate negotiations with Sunstar for the commercialisation of Decapinol, as they had already managed to build the brand for Aloclair in the US. We are delighted to have our full oral care portfolio available in the US and very pleased to be laying the foundations for a new multiple country deal that could cover several of the largest oral care markets. This partnership illustrates the change in Sinclair’s strategy, preferring our partners focus resources on sales and marketing to build brand equity rather than paying upfront licence fees.”

Tom Studney, Business Management Officer from Sunstar, remarked: “We are delighted to secure the Decapinol® license for the US and expand our successful partnership with Sinclair. We believe that this product’s technology and efficacy qualifies it as the ‘next generation’ solution for the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease. We are highly confident that the dental professional community, their patients, and health conscious consumers will be very receptive to this novel alternative to help achieve and maintain better oral health.”

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About Sinclair Pharma Plc

Sinclair Pharma plc is an international specialty pharmaceutical company providing solutions to treat wounds, dermatological and oral diseases through advanced surface technology and innovative delivery systems. It has a growing sales and marketing operation that is present in France, Italy, Germany and Spain, and an extensive marketing partner network across selected developed & emerging markets.

About Sunstar

Sunstar is one of the Top Ten oral-care companies in the world and a world leader in the motorcycle parts business. The company was originally founded in 1932 as a manufacturer and seller of rubber glue for bicycle tires and metal tubes. Over the past decades it has developed a number of distinctive businesses based on its own leading-edge technologies. Today, Sunstar is a leading global company in the Mouth & Body Care field, a major presence in the Health & Beauty Care and the Environment & Amenity business fields, and a world-leader in the Safety Support & High Technology field. Its products and services are distributed in more than 90 countries. Sunstar decided to locate its World Headquarters in Etoy, Switzerland in 2002 to provide the base for Sunstar’s overall global management functions.

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