Silk Therapeutics Release: Silk Scientists Advance Natural Liquid Silk, Granted Five Patents Covering 75+ Claimed Pure Silk Formulations

Published: Nov 17, 2016

MEDFORD, Mass., Nov. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Silk Therapeutics Inc., announced today the simultaneous allowance of 5 US patent applications, which cover a new class of pure, natural, silk protein. Silk Therapeutics is a specialty biotechnology company with expertise in the development of silk-based products for use in biomedicine and consumer goods. Its mission: improving human health through products used to treat, enhance or come in contact with the skin.

Scientists at the company have been granted a patent portfolio that now covers over 75 different claimed formulations of low to medium molecular weight, natural silk protein in a pure, homogeneous state. This marks a new class of silk protein, and results from the scientific founders' commitment to develop a more biocompatible and tailorable form of silk protein that is stable in a liquid state and less reactive when implanted into the body or in contact with the skin.   

These novel, natural silk protein formulations will support the development of innovative skincare, medical devices, and consumer goods like performance fabrics. By replacing synthetic polymers, plastics and other (in some instances unregulated) chemicals, these silk-based advances will have direct benefits to women and children's health by reducing the total burden of unnecessary chemicals. 

"We will use this new, advanced class of silk biomaterials to help global businesses create chemical-free and more biocompatible products that offer the utmost in safety, effectiveness and performance," said Greg Altman, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Silk Therapeutics. "The innovations this technology will advance will redefine industry practices across multiple markets," Altman said, adding "we have already achieved production scale quantities to support research, development, and commercialization via an ecologically-friendly process."

Natural silk fabrics and human skin have been in relationship for millennia, and  the biocompatibility of silk is well established in the scientific literature. "In fact, one of the first recorded uses of a medical device was a silk suture for the skin," said Rebecca (Horan) Lacouture, PhD, Chief Operating Officer. "However, research tells us that silk protein when implanted into the human body, especially in high concentrations, can sometimes cause an unwanted inflammatory reaction," said Lacouture.

"We've taken natural silk, reverted to its purest, liquid state, and tailored it for applications where such innovation is most needed," adds Lacouture. "It's both a renaissance and a revolution in silk science." 

The company is already developing new applications of its silk-based technologies to complement its line of clean, performance-based skincare.

Patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") of a Notice of Allowance for US non-provisional patent application publication numbers 2016/0193130 A1, 2016/0022560 A1, 2016/0022561 A1, 2016/0022562 A1, and 2016/0022563 A1 related to new pure, natural, and stable silk protein compositions. Claims in the patent applications are the basis of Silk Therapeutics' technology platform that forms the foundation of the company's mission: improving human health through products used to treat, enhance or come in contact with the skin. U.S. patents relating to these Notices of Allowance will be granted by the USPTO after Silk Therapeutics pays the required fees.

About Silk Therapeutics  Silk Therapeutics, Inc., headquartered outside Boston, MA, is the leader in silk protein solutions for human health and wellness. The founders are world-renowned pioneers in silk science and in silk-based applications that improve human health. Dr. Greg Altman, CEO, and Dr. Rebecca (Horan) Lacouture, Chief Operating Officer, have studied silk protein science for more than 17 years. Their scientific accomplishments resulted in the commercialization of the first FDA-cleared silk-based medical device for soft tissue repair in 2008. They are currently focused on redefining healthcare through the lens of how we treat skin, with a focus on reducing chemical exposure through common consumer products. Dr. Lacouture's personal experience as a cancer survivor, and the company's commitment to the wellbeing of its customers, is the foundation for Silk Therapeutics' line of clean, mission-driven skincare.  For more information about our skincare and charitable mission, please visit

The company is advised by internationally-recognized medical experts in the field of skincare, plastic surgery and oncology, including Kenneth Arndt, MD, dermatologist and Chairman emeritus, Department of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School, Mark Jewel, MD, plastic surgeon and past President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Mario Lacouture, MD, dermatologist and author, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Leonard Miller, MD, plastic surgeon and Founder, Boston Center for Facial Rejuvenation, David Rosenthal, MD, oncologist, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and past President of the American Cancer Society, and Renato Saltz, MD, plastic surgeon and President Elect of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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