SignalPath Announces Formation Of Clinical Research Consortium At The Biden Cancer Initiative To Accelerate Tech-Enabled Trials


DALLAS,  /PRNewswire/ -- SignalPath, a healthcare technology company developing innovative software tools that dramatically improve the ease and efficiency of trial execution and management, today announced the formation of the SignalPath Research Consortium. By partnering with technology companies, life sciences sponsors, and cutting edge research sites, SignalPath is building an ecosystem to empower the redesign of clinical trials.

Greg Simon, Biden Cancer Initiative President, said: "We are thrilled for SignalPath to announce this important initiative at our Summit and align with their efforts to leverage technology, starting at the point of care in clinics, to enable innovative therapies to reach cancer patients more quickly and economically."

The SignalPath Research Consortium is a rapidly growing network of sophisticated clinical trials sites connected via a technical foundation. New York Cancer and Blood Specialists is a leading example; this innovative community-based oncology practice is deploying SignalPath's novel operational, financial, oversight and study start-up software to support the conduct of research at their sites. "By converting clinical trial protocols into a digital footprint that runs behind the scenes, SignalPath has developed workflow tools for sites that are simple, intuitive, and easy to use. I expect this will dramatically improve our ability to deliver on our research mission to bring life-saving therapies to cancer patients more quickly," said Jeff Vacirca, M.D., CEO, New York Cancer and Blood Specialists.

The technical foundation of the SignalPath Research Consortium is strengthened yet further through thoughtful partnerships with life sciences and research providers. Uncoordinated "point solutions" create fragmentation across the clinical research ecosystem, slowing time to development of effective cancer medicines and increasing cost. SignalPath is announcing a partnership with Genentech, known for its exceptional science and innovative solutions to clinical research, to optimize trial design and workflow. Further, SignalPath is partnering with other leading tech companies like Florence Healthcare to collaborate, instead of competing, to build end-to-end clinical trial solutions for research sites and sponsors.

Through these unique partnerships, SignalPath is connecting together an ecosystem of sophisticated clinical research sites, study sponsors, and research companies -- The SignalPath Research Consortium -- poised to employ the power of software and data to get novel treatments to cancer patients more quickly and affordably. Dr. Brad Hirsch, CEO and Co-Founder of SignalPath, reflected: "We launched SignalPath with thought leaders from the Duke Clinical Research Institute to do exactly this. The goal is to dramatically accelerate clinical research by applying technology to solve operational pain points. We are forging thoughtful partnerships, creating tools that remove complexity and streamline research workflow, and delivering a user experience that delights research teams. We are honored to join with the Biden Cancer Initiative to preview how the SignalPath Research Consortium will deliver on their vision of making a meaningful difference for patients."

About SignalPath:
SignalPath is a healthcare technology and services company focused on improving clinical research by dramatically improving the ease and efficiency of trial execution and management. SignalPath's platform is designed to streamline the operational workflow of patient and protocol management for sites in order to optimize outcomes. The purpose-built platform is designed to be used at the point of care, enabling clinical research teams to focus on their patients while achieving their research goals. Connectivity across broad research networks allows SignalPath to leverage analytics, insights and tooling to reimagine the execution of clinical trials for sponsors and partners.

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