Sidec Technologies AB Granted 4 Million SEK for Vizualisation Project

Published: Feb 20, 2008

STOCKHOLM, February 20 /PRNewswire/ -- This three year project has been granted 4 million SEK in competition with 53 other applicants within the program "Visualization". The aim is to develop a unique visualization tool, ProViz, where Stina Svensson, Senior Scientist at Sidec, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology and Karolinska Institutet, is the principal investigator. "This is an excellent example of technology transfer between academic institutions and the Industry," says Anders Aberg CSO at Sidec.


With ProViz we will create a tool for visualizing nanometer resolution images of macromolecular structures such as proteins. The ProViz project will result in three different "demonstrators". First an advanced analysis workstation will be introduced to facilitate the studies of proteins in the lab at Sidec. Secondly, a visualization studio will be set up for customer interaction to visualize results for commercial purposes, and finally, there will be a customer workstation. The latter will enable customers to partly perform their studies in-house.

About the program:

"Visualization" is an 85 million SEK program of five years that has been initiated and funded by Knowledge Foundation, Vardal Foundation, Foundation for Strategic Research, VINNOVA and Invest in Sweden Agency. The objective of the program is to utilise and develop activities in the area of visualization and perceptualization within Swedish companies, academic institutions and the public sector, to stimulate broad interdisciplinary integration and research/co-production, as well as to foster new applications based on visualization in a figurative sense.

About Sidec AB

Sidec AB offers collaboration research projects to the biopharmaceutical industry. Sidec studies molecular processes in situ and in vitro in biological systems obtaining unique information with its proprietary methodology Protein Tomography (TM)

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