Servier Renews And Expands License To Aureus Pharma's Knowledge Databases

PARIS, March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Aureus Pharma a leading provider of knowledge management solutions to accelerate discovery in the life sciences industry, today announces that leading French independent pharmaceutical company Servier has both renewed their previous license to Aureus' AurSCOPE ADME/Drug-Drug Interactions (ADME/DDI) knowledge database and expanded the license to include AurSCOPE GPCR as well. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Servier became Aureus' first customer of the AurSCOPE ADME/DDI knowledgebase in 2002. During the subsequent years, Aureus and Servier have collaborated closely to develop and enhance the AurSCOPE ADME/DDI. This exhaustive knowledge database contains all relevant biological and chemical information related to the metabolic properties of drugs and assists in the identification of potential drug-drug interactions. This renewal and the addition of AurSCOPE GPCR reflects Servier's positive experience with Aureus Pharma's knowledge databases.

"We have found that Aureus Pharma's high quality ADME/Drug-Drug Interaction knowledge databases are a source of crucial information in identifying potential adverse drug-drug interactions." said Dr. Bernard Marchand, Servier's Director of Biopharmacy. "We also look forward to applying the AurSCOPE GPCR knowledgebase in a variety of our disease targeted programs." added Dr. Emmanuel Canet, Vice President Research at Servier.

"We are delighted that Servier has chosen to continue their collaboration with Aureus Pharma" said Dr. Andre Michel, CEO of Aureus Pharma. "Strong partnership with pharmaceutical companies such as Servier is strategic to Aureus in the ongoing development of solutions fitting with the needs of our end users."

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Aureus Pharma headquartered in Paris, France is a privately held knowledge management based solutions provider for the life sciences industry. Aureus Pharma accelerates new drug discovery by providing knowledge databases which contain high quality quantitative information for both chemistry and biology. Researchers gain rapid access to knowledge for important drug target classes including GPCR, Ion Channel, Kinase as well as other critical pharmaceutical topics including ADME/Drug-Drug Interactions and the hERG Channel. The information contained in the Aureus Pharma system is of primary importance to aid in lead discovery and optimization as well as to build predictive models. For further information on how Aureus Pharma helps researchers turn data into discovery visit

About Servier

Servier is a privately-owned company, established in 1954 by its founder and current Chairman, Jacques Servier, M.D. Servier allocates approximately 25% of its turnover to Research and Development. Its main therapeutic products used to treat diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neuropsychiatric disorders, cancer, and bone and joint diseases. In the past 18 months Servier has been able to file for registration three innovative pharmaceutical specialties in the field of osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases and treatment of depression and two of them have already been accepted by EMEA.

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