Sales Of Nellcor OxiMax(R) Pulse Oximetry System Top 50,000 Standalone Units And 150,000 OEM Modules

PLEASANTON, Calif, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Nellcor today announced the latest milestone in the success of its OxiMax(R) Pulse Oximetry System. Sales of the OxiMax system have topped 50,000 standalone units and 150,000 OEM (original equipment manufacturer) modules. More than 1,200 U.S. hospital customers have adopted OxiMax technology since it was introduced in 2002, making this the most successful product introduction in Nellcor's 20-year history. Nellcor is part of Mallinckrodt, a Tyco Healthcare company.

"OxiMax promises to work in the most challenging of clinical situations, and reaching the 200,000 unit milestone in two and a half years clearly marks this platform as the most rapidly adopted pulse oximetry technology in the industry," said Brian Earp, Director of Oximetry Marketing. "Clinicians are demanding increasingly exceptional performance and are discovering they can more effectively monitor a broader range of patients with OxiMax sensors and technology."

Nellcor developed the first commercially viable pulse oximeter over two decades ago, and has remained the industry leader through continual product innovation. OxiMax technology represents Nellcor's 5th-generation pulse oximetry, and incorporates the most advanced methods for combating the challenging effects of patient motion and low pulse perfusion.

The Nellcor(R) OxiMax Pulse Oximetry System includes a selection of bedside and handheld OxiMax pulse oximeters and the growing line of intelligent, interactive OxiMax sensors. In addition, Nellcor offers a full series of OxiMax OEM Pulse Oximetry Modules to medical device manufacturers worldwide that wish to integrate this latest technology within their multiparameter and vital signs monitoring products. Most leading manufacturers now offer OxiMax technology.

The addition of a digital memory chip embedded in OxiMax sensors gives Nellcor greater flexibility in sensor design. New sensors developed for the OxiMax system include the MAX-FAST(TM) Forehead Sensor, which detects changes in SpO2 significantly faster than digit sensors for patients with poor pulse perfusion, and SoftCare(TM) Nonadhesive Sensors, which are designed to protect the fragile skin of neonatal, geriatric and other patients with compromised skin integrity.

The OxiMax N-595 Pulse Oximeter is compatible with Nellcor's Oxinet(R) III Central Station and Paging System, a telemetry system that gives hospitals a practical way to provide continuous pulse oximetry monitoring on the general care floor.

Nellcor Advancements in Pulse Oximetry Technology

Originally, pulse oximetry was used on anesthetized patients who were relatively well-perfused and immobile. Early pulse oximeters were less reliable for active, moving patients or for those with weak pulses. These conditions can compromise the pulse signal, which may lead to frequent nuisance alarms or make it difficult to get a signal at all. To extend the benefits of pulse oximetry to more patients, Nellcor began addressing motion artifact as early as the mid-1980s with its second-generation pulse oximeter. Nellcor's ongoing engineering efforts, coupled with advances in microprocessing technology, have enabled Nellcor to significantly improve performance over previous generations of technology.

Nellcor is dedicated to developing innovative, clinically relevant medical products with an emphasis on noninvasive patient safety monitoring and respiratory care. A part of Tyco Healthcare/Mallinckrodt, Nellcor is the world's foremost supplier of pulse oximetry and airway management products. The company also offers a wide range of products for measuring and regulating patient body temperature. Known for the highest standards of quality and reliability, Nellcor products contribute to patient care in every type of healthcare setting. For more information, visit

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