Roche's Genentech Grabs Alzheimer's Drug Rights From AC Immune SA for $418 Million-Plus

Roche Holding AG (ROG) bought the rights to an experimental drug for Alzheimer’s disease from closely held AC Immune, its second deal with the Swiss company. Roche’s Genentech unit will pay an undisclosed amount for rights to AC Immune’s anti-Tau antibodies, plus more than 400 million Swiss francs ($421 million) if the drugs meet targets, Lausanne-based AC Immune said in a statement today. Roche will also pay royalties on sales of the treatments. The deal gives Roche treatments against the second of what are thought to be the two main causes of Alzheimer’s, after buying the rights to crenezumab, a drug fighting the brain plaques that characterize the disease, from AC Immune in 2006. The memory-depleting disease affects 36 million people globally, a number that may double in 20 years.

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