Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Proteros biostructures GmbH Extend Research Collaboration

Published: Apr 06, 2009

MARTINSRIED, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Proteros biostructures GmbH announced today an update on the research collaboration with Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc. (“Rigel”). From the start of the collaboration allowing Rigel access to Gallery Structures, Proteros has consistently delivered high quality protein-ligand structural information which enables determination of the binding characteristics of compounds supplied by Rigel to facilitate subsequent compound optimisation.

Proteros has collaborated with Rigel since 2007 to solve the structures of multiple proteins, selected by Rigel from Proteros’ Gallery Structures collection, in combination with compounds and fragments supplied by Rigel to determine the binding mode of these compounds to the selected protein and enable the rapid and informed optimisation of the compounds and build up of the fragments. By accessing Proteros’ Gallery Structures, a collection of seventy five industry relevant proteins pre-established at Proteros, rapid delivery of high quality protein-ligand structural information is assured.

Timely availability of such protein-ligand structure information has been an important element enabling Rigel’s scientists to accelerate entire drug discovery programmes. The financial terms of the collaboration which include research and success fees are not disclosed.

About Proteros biostructures: Proteros biostructures is a privately held company, which provides services and unique technologies to support drug discovery within life sciences. The company accelerates and improves protein structure analysis and structure-based drug discovery by its expertise, industrialised processes and unique technologies for crystallography and fragment screening including the Free Mounting SystemTM and PicodropperTM. Proteros complements its clients’ internal capabilities with external expertise and access to flexible resources. Proteros currently provides services to over sixty pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in North America, Europe and Japan. More information about Proteros and Gallery Structures can be found on the company’s website at www.proteros.com.


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