Rhinomed Release: Froome Wins 4th Tour De France Using Turbine

Published: Jul 25, 2017

25th July 2017. Melbourne, Australia:

Turbine wishes to congratulate Chris Froome on taking his 4th Tour de France title. A yellow nose ring matches the yellow jersey. Chris Froome, having taken his 4th Tour de France title continues to support yellow - in the form of an innovative sports breathing device called Turbine™.

The Turbine is a respiratory technology designed specifically for the sport and exercise market by Melbourne-based medical technology company Rhinomed (ASX:RNO). As Chris Froome says: "Performance, endurance and recovery are critical whether competing at the Tour de France or other UCI races. I know the benefits Turbine can bring."

The Turbine not only increases the amount of air you can inspire through your nose by an average of 38 per cent 1 , it actually reminds you to breathe in a more controlled and efficient way. The product structurally supports your nose in a way that nasal sports tapes can only dream of.

Froome, who has been involved in the trialing and feedback for development of the Turbine, has found it useful to ‘keep his head in the game’ and focus on his breathing. He utilised Turbine at various points throughout the Tour and to assist in his recovery.

“For me, I find the biggest benefit of the Turbine in the time trial stages and that whole build up to the warm-ups … Just for me to really focus on my breathing - get the maximum amount of airflow possible...and really just to calm my nerves,” relates Froome.

Rhinomed CEO Michael Johnson said: “Chris Froome is arguably the best cyclist in the world. Choosing to use the Turbine during the Tour is testament that this nextlevel technology can make a real difference to the way we breathe and compete.”

Turbine has continued to support Froome in his quest for his fourth yellow jersey, documenting his journey in an animation video ( https://youtu.be/xOmdS9RnzE8 ). The company is proud to call Froome both an Ambassador and strong supporter of the technology.

While Turbine has been adopted by leading athletes for their training, racing and recovery; everyday exercisers are now finding that the benefits extend in ways they hadn’t recognised.

During exercise, people tend to breathe through their mouths, pushing the cold, dry air directly to the lungs, meaning that the air is moistened to only 60-70% relative humidity. Nose-breathing, helps to maximise the intake of warm, filtered and humidified air 2 . Breathing through the mouth causes narrowing of airway space, reducing blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain, which contributes to the feeling of exhaustion 3 . Turbine is also individually adjustable, enabling a comfortable and secure fit for people to use with deviated septums or obstructed nasal passages.

To view highlights from the Tour and Froome’s amazing win of the yellow jersey, visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TheTurbine and the video of Froome’s journey at https://youtu.be/xOmdS9RnzE8

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About Rhinomed Limited (ASX:RNO)

Rhinomed Limited is a Melbourne, Australia based technology firm with a focus on nasal, respiratory and breathing management technologies. The company is developing and commercialising applications of its technology portfolio in the sport, sleep, cough/cold and allergy, and drug delivery markets. The company has two products in market (the Turbine for sports and exercise and Mute for snoring and better sleep) and has recently completed a pilot Phase I clinical trial of its new INPEAP technology targeting mild to moderate sleep apnea. For more information, go to www.rhinomed.global.

1 S.Braham Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital 2003

2 Timmons and Leahy. Breathing and Psychological approaches to breathing disorders. 1st ed Springer 1994.

3 Fitzpatrick et al. Eur Respir J 2003. Nov;22(5):827-32.

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