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GREENVILLE, S.C., Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Academy of Thermology is a 501c(3) that promulgates the scientific application of medical thermology.  Every three years reviews and revises peer reviewed Guidelines for medical infrared imaging.  The 2021 revision of the AAT's Guidelines for Breast Thermography has been released and is available at:

There are significant changes in this revision, including, but not limited to the proper performance and documentation of infrared breast imaging.  Breast Thermography is an adjunctive Breast Thermal Findings Assessment that can have clinical importance in the management of breast health. 

The AAT feels that this revision of its Breast Guidelines properly describes the performance of Breast Thermography as an adjunctive study that provides physiologic information that is otherwise not available from structural imaging studies.  Breast thermography as a breast thermal findings assessment is an important tool in the assessment of breast health.  It is up to the treating physician to consider the results in the context of other evaluations, including a proper medical history and physical examination.

The 2021 AAT Breast Thermography Guidelines include:

Proper use and verbiage of Medical Breast Thermography procedures and reporting.

Breast Thermography is best represented as a Breast thermal findings assessment; Other claims that are more encompassing may be outside of Guideline recommendations.

Personal or clinical impressions about the patient or meaning of findings should not be included in the Findings section of the report.

A proper medical history and physical examination is required to make patient specific clinical recommendations.

"By focusing on the proper performance of a breast thermal findings assessment and documenting those findings separately from personal opinions or clinical recommendations the AAT feels that treating physicians will be better equipped to make use of the value breast thermal imaging has to offer in their decision making" said Robert Schwartz, MD, Chairman of the Board of the American Academy of Thermology.

The importance of breast health cannot be over emphasized. After decades of reliance on structural studies to evaluate breast health controversy still exists within the

Enormous amounts of resources are spent on the evaluation and treatment of breast health.  Yet after decades of reliance upon structural studies controversy about the risks and benefits of this approach still exists within the community at large.  There is however consensus that a multimodal approach can improve sensitivity and specificity while reducing morbidity, mortality, and the unnecessary expenditure of resources.  Infrared imaging as a breast thermal findings assessment provides important physiologic information not otherwise available from structural studies.  Furthermore, properly reported results have been found to be helpful in clinical decision making.

About the American Academy of Thermology

The American Academy of Thermology (AAT) is a premiere global professional organization dedicated to the advancement of medical infrared imaging. It was founded in 1971 and is a multi-disciplinary organization that promotes education, research and the clinical application of medical infrared imaging. The AAT's Mission is to improve the delivery of patient care by advancing the field of medical Infrared Imaging through education, research and technological innovation.

Robert Schwartz, MD
Chairman of the Board, American Academy of Thermology



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