Restorative Therapies Announces Launch of Xcite2 iFES™ Clinical Station


BALTIMORE, Feb. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --Restorative Therapies Inc. – the leading provider of innovative, integrated therapeutic medical devices that are the standard of care in rehabilitation therapy for many neurological conditions – announced today the launch of Xcite2.

Xcite2 was designed to allow clinicians to easily and efficiently apply multi-channel FES with task specific activities commonly completed in therapy. The device features four libraries with 40 preprogrammed FES-integrated functional activities, a removable tablet for flexibility in treatment setup and long-lasting battery life for 8 hours of continuous use between charges.

"The launch of Xcite2 is another testament to Restorative Therapies everyday commitment to developing and manufacturing exceptional technology for ongoing rehabilitation and overall health benefits for those with neurological impairments," said Jim Janicki, President & CEO of Restorative Therapies.

Xcite2 supports clinicians and patients with ongoing rehabilitation by providing the opportunity for mass-practice repetitions of meaningful, functional activities to promote recovery of the nervous system and improve health and independence.


Restorative Therapies is the industry leader in integrated functional electrical stimulation (iFES), successfully working with more than 100,000 patients, in more than 1,000 clinics, and 30 countries over the past 15 years.

Restorative Therapies' provides products and services across the full continuum of care, from the critical care unit to inpatient and outpatient therapy and then in-home care. As Your Advocate for Life, Restorative Therapies is dedicated to helping all our patients and clinicians achieve access to care and for patients to have the best opportunity to live an active healthy life.


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