Resilia Pharmaceuticals Acquires License to Commercialize Solace™ Eczema Cream in the United States

Acquisition of OTC Product Expands Resilia's Dermatology Footprint

ATLANTA, Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Resilia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced the signing today of a license agreement with Pelle Ventures, LLC granting Resilia the rights to make, market and sell Solace Eczema Cream, a medical device, as an OTC product in the United States. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Previously only available by prescription, Solace™ Cream is formulated to help control eczema flares and keep future eczema flares dormant longer by utilizing essential skin building blocks like cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides to help reduce the likelihood of environmental triggers causing eczema symptoms; as well as employing palmitamide MEA (PEA), a natural endogenous fatty acid to help relieve itchy, dry skin often associated with eczema.

"We are delighted to add Solace™ Cream to the Resilia portfolio of dermatology products, said Harsha Murthy, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors at Resilia Pharmaceuticals. "Much is unknown about the causes of eczema, but we do know that eczema has a profound impact on the quality of life in those patients who suffer from its symptoms. Resilia is proud to be able to offer patients an effective and safe product like Solace™ Cream, a product previously available only by prescription. Solace™ Cream fits squarely within Resilia's mission to bring patients high-quality products at reasonable prices."

Solace™ Cream

Solace™ Cream repairs and restores the skin barrier and

  • keeps eczema in remission up to 48% longer1
  • reduces average weekly steroid applications by 62%2
  • improves sleep quality2

Solace™ Cream has been predominately sold on the Amazon® platform. Resilia Pharmaceuticals will begin work immediately to make Solace™ Cream available on Amazon® and plans to expand Amazon promotion.

Andrew Shales, Chief Executive Officer at Resilia, noted "Covid-19 has really impacted the availability of certain manufacturing components for the pharma industry. As a result, Solace™ Cream was recently unavailable, but Resilia is working hard to get the product back on the market in the coming months."

About Eczema

Eczema symptoms are different for everyone, though in most cases, eczema causes itching and can make skin appear dry, red, rough, or swollen. This itching can be mild or severe, resulting in inflamed and even damaged skin. While the specific cause of eczema remains unknown, healthcare professionals believe the disease often occurs from a combination of factors. Professionals believe that environmental irritants, like detergents, allergens, and bacteria, as well as shifts in temperature, types of foods, stress, or hormones, can cause an eczema flare-up.

About Resilia Pharmaceuticals

Resilia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a portfolio company of Peak Pharma Commercial Partners, a New York City-based investment fund dedicated to the acquisition and growth of branded, generic and over-the counter pharmaceutical products (

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Resilia Pharmaceuticals' product line consists of Recedo® topical gel, the #1 prescribed Rx scar treatment over the past 5 years3; Ecoza® (econazole nitrate) topical foam, 1%; the Neosalus® line, including cream, foam, and lotion formulations; and Neocera®, a version of Neosalus formulated with ceramides. All of Resilia's products are marketed in the US. To learn more about Resilia Pharmaceuticals and its products, please go to

About Pelle Ventures

Pelle Ventures LLC, located in Holland, Michigan, is dedicated to providing consumers with easy access to high-quality skincare products with proven clinical efficacy that are specifically designed to solve unique needs.

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