Rcadia Announces Results of Initial Study to Demonstrate Feasibility of Method for Assessing Hemodynamic Significance of Coronary Lesions from Coronary CTA

Published: Jul 10, 2012

NEWTON, Mass., July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Rcadia Medical Imaging today announced results of a promising initial study to demonstrate the feasibility of a proprietary technique that uses coronary CT angiography studies (cCTA) as a non-invasive alternative to assess the hemodynamic significance of coronary lesions.

"Determining the effect of an intermediate lesion on coronary blood flow is critical to making a treatment decision," said Shai Levanon, President and CEO of Rcadia. "Currently, the standard technique for evaluating the hemodynamic significance of coronary lesions is by measuring Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) through invasive coronary catheterization. Our initial study shows a good correlation to FFR, highlighting the potential of our technology to enhance the diagnostic utility of cCTA and reduce the number of invasive, costly diagnostic cardiac catheterization produces."

Mr. Levanon noted that Rcadia's approach builds on its COR Analyzer® System, which performs fully automatic detection of coronary stenosis from cCTA studies. "A capability for assessing hemodynamic significance has potential to provide a powerful complement to the COR Analyzer's ability to identify significant stenosis in suspected patients with coronary artery disease."

To assess the diagnostic performance of the method, Rcadia conducted a retrospective study based on 44 patients who underwent both cCTA and diagnostic coronary catheterization with FFR measurements. Assessments using Rcadia's proprietary technique were performed for 49 of 51 lesions with FFR measurements present in those studies. Two lesions were not evaluated due to poor image quality.

The Rcadia method correctly identified all 11 hemodynamically significant lesions (FFR <=0.8) and 33 of 38 hemodynamically insignificant lesions (FFR>0.8), yielding the sensitivity of 100 percent and specificity of 87 percent.

About Rcadia Medical Imaging

Rcadia Medical Imaging develops and markets proprietary computerized systems that automatically detect clinical abnormalities in digital medical images, particularly for patient triage in emergency, life-threatening conditions. The company's first FDA-cleared product, the COR Analyzer® System, provides fully automated, real-time analysis of Coronary CT angiography to enable the practical application of cCTA in detecting severe coronary artery disease. The COR Analyzer improves the utility of Coronary CTA studies in the emergency department to triage chest pain patients and optimizes work flow in cardiology and radiology departments. Learn more at www.rcadia.com.

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