RaySearch Laboratories: RayStation® 3.5 Released

Published: Mar 15, 2013

STOCKHOLM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Regulatory News: RaySearch Laboratories AB (STO:RAYB) announces that version 3.5 of RaySearch's RayStation® treatment planning system has been released for clinical use in the European Union, USA, Japan and Australia, and is pending regulatory approval in Canada, China, New Zealand and South Korea. The new version includes a wide range of new features and improvements. With RayStation® 3.5 RaySearch releases state of-the-art tools for treatment planning of radiation therapy with electrons and protons, complementing RayStation’s extensive tools for planning and optimization of radiation therapy with photons. Proton Beam Design is a brand new module in RayStation® that contains tools for treatment planning of double scattered and uniformly scanned protons, such as a clinically approved Pencil Beam dose engine and automatic generation of treat-and-protect beams. This is the first clinical release of proton planning functionality in RayStation®, to be followed by many others, such as Pencil Beam Scanning techniques and Monte Carlo dose calculations. Electron Beam Design is another entirely new module that includes a Monte Carlo dose engine for electron radiation therapy and tools for manual editing of beams similar to how it is done in the 3D-CRT module. The functionality for Proton Beam Design and Electron Beam Design is available for installation in the European Union, Japan and Australia but is pending regulatory clearance in USA.

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