Ranbaxy Laboratories, Wockhardt Fire 5 Percent of Shopfloor Workforce: FDA Ban's Side Effects

Published: Oct 21, 2013

Ranbaxy and Wockhardt are axing jobs but others are hiring! Check it out! (Isn't it tempting?)

Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd and Wockhardt Ltd have fired a combined 65 employees, roughly 5% of their shopfloor workforce, and are likely to let go of more after being punished by the US drug regulator for non-compliance with prescribed manufacturing standards, three people familiar with the situation said. While Ranbaxy sacked 45 employees, Wockhardt axed 20, the people said on condition of anonymity. Those asked to leave include production heads, quality and sanitary control officers and operators who were found to be responsible for most of the shortcomings observed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Don't forget, hundreds of biopharma companies are hiring! (We know you can't resist.)

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