Rainin and PhyNexus, Inc. to Focus on Workflow Innovations for Life Scientists

Published: Feb 01, 2012

OAKLAND, CALIF. – MONTH DA, 2011 – Rainin Instrument, LLC, a METTLER TOLEDO company, has launched a joint initiative with San Jose, Calif.-based PhyNexus, Inc., maker of specialized sample preparation technology. The companies will leverage PhyNexus’ patented PhyTip? pipette tip column technology to jointly develop products to better serve the research needs of life scientists.

By combining miniaturization with high performance, PhyTip columns eliminate many of the sample preparation bottlenecks encountered by researchers in their daily workflows. For protein purification, the technology is a natural fit with Rainin’s high performance pipettes and its 40 year record of advancing pipetting technology in ways that improve accuracy, precision, ergonomics and workflow.

“This business initiative with PhyNexus is an important strategic opportunity for Rainin to further develop and expand its liquid handling systems portfolio,” said Leonard Pulig, Rainin general manager. “PhyNexus’ stellar reputation for innovation in liquid chromatography is a strong complement to Rainin’s considerable presence in the Life Science market and global reach through our parent firm, METTLER TOLEDO.”

Because PhyTip columns can be used with a wide range of chemistries, for life science applications, combining them with Rainin’s pipetting technology will speed sample preparation, save money by requiring fewer samples and produce higher concentrations of pure protein product. In terms of practical applications, functional assays requiring pure protein, hybridoma screening, formulations and quality control, for example, will all benefit from purification solutions that streamline workflows and foster better decision making earlier in the research or discovery process.

“Our PhyTip column technology has added significantly to the arsenal of tools available to many researchers,” says PhyNexus CEO, Douglas Gjerde. “Through our collaboration with Rainin, we see an enormous opportunity to profoundly improve and expand the capabilities of research labs by making powerful new sample preparation tools available to all life scientists.”


METTLER TOLEDO (NYSE: MTD) is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments. It is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The company also holds top-three market positions in several related analytical instruments and is a leading provider of automated chemistry systems used in drug and chemical compound discovery and development. In addition, the company is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of metal detection systems used in production and packaging. Additional information about METTLER TOLEDO can be found at www.mt.com.

About PhyNexus

PhyNexus Inc. is based in San Jose, California, and has developed a unique patented technology to address the need for high throughput performance for small-volume protein purification with its range of PhyTip columns. These columns allow for rapid and routine parallel purification in a walk-away fashion. PhyNexus’ principal end markets are pharmaceutical and biotech research worldwide. Additional information about PhyNexus can be found at www.phynexus.com.

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