Quality Drives Synexus to be the First to Initiate the Revalidation of Its Research Doctors and CQC Registration of Its Clinics

Published: Nov 05, 2012

5th November 2012 -- Synexus has become one of the first clinical research companies to have both registered their five clinics in England with the Care Quality Commission and simultaneously registered as a designated body with the GMC to support the revalidation of its clinical research physicians.

Christophe Berthoux, CEO of Synexus, stated, “Synexus’ reputation has been built on delivering quality. Whether that is quality data to clients or a quality service to our patients we strive to excel in all areas of our business. We welcome the registration of clinics by the CQC and the revalidation of doctors to ensure that quality is built into the system.”

The CQC audits, run by the Care Quality Commission, are now being undertaken across Synexus’ five English clinical research centres. Follow up audits will ensure that standards are maintained. The audits include a comprehensive list of demands which include reviewing all the diagnostic and screening services that are performed at the Synexus centres such as DEXA scanning (bone density), and ensuring that they are carried out by properly trained people, safely and with dignity and respect for the patients.

The CQC website identifies each healthcare facility in England which has signed up to the code and the results can be seen online.

Dr Glynis Neagle, Chief Medical Officer of Synexus, will lead the revalidation of all Synexus’ research doctors across the UK. Glynis who has been appointed the Synexus Responsible Officer for the revalidation process was one of the pioneers in this process having been involved in the pilot run by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine.

Glynis commented “From both a client and patient perspective, revalidation of our doctors is vital to the work being performed at our research centres. Now that the revalidation of doctors has been agreed by the government all doctors in the UK who are treating patients will undergo a rigorous appraisal and demonstration of their fitness to practise. I am confident that the standards of training and appraisal of our doctors will enhance the work and care being carried out with patients involved in clinical trials. Our registration with the CQC comes after a specific program of driving quality across our clinical business and is a reflection of the work undertaken by our staff to ensure patient wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do.

The CQC is the ‘Health Watchdog’ which was put in place in 2009 replacing the Healthcare Commission, the Commission for Social Care Inspection and the Mental Health Act Commission. It regulates all health and adult social care services in England and makes sure that essential standards are being met.

The revalidation of doctors is overseen by the GMC and covers the whole of the UK. Under the plan, the responsible officers of organisations employing doctors - typically medical directors - will firstly be revalidated themselves between December and March.

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