Putting Patients First - KCR’s Contribution To Patient-Centric Approach In Clinical Trials

Published: Sep 19, 2017

BERLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Patient-centricity has recently been a key word in the healthcare and drug development industry. KCR, a Contract Research Organization (CRO), is introducing a new project which is solely based on a patient-centric approach: #HumanBehindEveryNumber. The project has been designed to learn more about patients in clinical trials; it is based on the voices and perspectives of real patients who are participating in clinical trials.

“Clinical trials focus around patients’ needs and improve the quality of their life. However, we as the R&D industry do not know much about the real patients’ experience before and during the clinical trial enrollment: what are their thoughts, what are their fears? The idea behind the project was to receive feedback from patients who have been or are part of a clinical trial regarding their motivations, concerns and convictions,” said Mike Jagielski, KCR’s CEO.

The CRO teamed up with a service design firm, The Story, to conduct the project as a service design study. The project team built direct and meaningful contacts with patients gathering their views via interviews and workshops. It has resulted in recognizing the patients’ journey in a clinical trial and mapping their emotions at every stage.

The project has been conducted across different countries, including Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany and UK, with the US upcoming. The study is ongoing and the team is continuously gathering biographies of people struggling with different diseases and documenting their lives as patients in clinical trials. All these makes the unique content of the project website: www.humanbehindeverynumber.com including the real patients’ voices and maps of their emotions.

“We wish to share the project results with the whole industry. We believe that a truly patient-centric approach will contribute to a better trial design in the future. However, to reach this point we need to research thoroughly what patient centricity means exactly,” summarized Mr. Jagielski.

If you would like to join the project as a patient or became a partner to shape the future of clinical trial design together with KCR, please click here or contact us at info@humanbehindeverynumber.com.

The media pack of the project is available under this link.

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KCR: We see human behind every number.

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