ProTron Technologies, Inc.'s Cerebral Stethoscope Offers Breakthrough for Early Detection of Aneurysms

Published: Jul 16, 2012

ALPINE, N.J., July 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ProTron Technologies has developed a breakthrough diagnostic apparatus for detecting cerebro-vasacular diseases such as aneurysms or atherosclerotic plaque. The patented Stethotron® Cerebral Stethoscope is the physician's first line of defense against ruptured aneurysms.

"Prevention is the best cure," says Dr. Leon Dondysh, inventor of the Cerebral Stethoscope. "Atherosclerotic plaque, the narrowing of blood vessels, causes audible turbulence in the bloodstream. We have created the Stethotron® Cerebral Stethoscope as an intra-vascular atherosclerotic detector."

Unlike ultrasound, the cerebral stethoscope is non-invasive and avoids listening to undesirable wavelengths. Using ProTron's patented filtration, doctors may detect the audible, vascular turbulence that reveals pathology, eliminating the cost of ultrasound, and in only minutes.

Without invasive procedures, doctors can now quickly and easily detect early aneurysms and atherosclerotic changes in vessels before more acute symptoms appear, when it is too late and too costly to treat.


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