Probe Scientific's Microeye® Technology Selected for Euros 5.2 Million EU In-Vivo Biomarker Monitoring Project

Published: Oct 22, 2012

Coventry, UK, October 22, 2012: Probe Scientific Ltd, an emerging UK medical device developer, has announced that its breakthrough MicroEye in vivo sampling technology has been selected for a major new European biomarker research project.

The €5.2m project is designed to develop the use of MicroEye® with sensors for immunosuppressant drugs used to prevent rejection post transplantation. Researchers from a large number of European centres will take part.

Probe Scientific CEO Neil Smith commented: “Effectively tracking drug performance in intensive care situations such as post transplantation is critical. We believe MicroEye® sampling technology can provide the key to constructing robust monitoring systems in this case for cyclosporine and for other drugs in general. UsingMicroEye means that patient samples can now be collected in vivo and relevant drug metabolic data transmitted continuously,”

MicroEye is positioned in the body via a standard catheter, locking into place via a luer lock. The MicroEye® works when perfusate (e.g. saline) passes, through the device, which then continuously feeds plasma-like samples into a sensor for reading and data export. This microdialysis technology is proven and minimally invasive.

“We have already shown the efficacy and applicability of MicroEye® for continuous glucose monitoring and are also developing applications for other small molecules such as lactate. Currently we are inadvanced discussions for non-exclusive licences for a variety of applications and territories and will continue to sell further non-exclusive licences, “continues Smith.

For more information contact: Neil Smith, CEO, tel +44 (0)24 7632 3047,


Media enquiries: Richard Hayhurst, tel + 44 (0)7711 821 527,


Probe Scientific focuses on innovative products to solve clinical problems and improve healthcare. The company has a substantial product pipeline based on its proprietary technologies, including MicroEye, and is seeking to commercialise this range to simultaneously benefit clinicians and the community in general. Probe Scientific Ltd is a private company, founded in 1998 and is based in the West Midlands, UK. Probe Scientific has grown steadily since its origins as a research organisation and has recently recruited experienced senior executives with a commercial focus.

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