Prestigious Molecular Biology Journal Publishes Breakthrough Research Led by Dr. Andres Tellez: Milestone Achievement Reflects Robust Brain Trust at Biocodex

SAN BRUNO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Biocodex USA is pleased to announce that Dr. Andres Tellez, principal, business development and strategy, served as the lead author on a research article published in The Journal of Molecular Biology, entitled “Interstitial contacts in an RNA-dependent RNA polymerase lattice.” The manuscript describes the development, refinement, and experimental validation of a computational method for identifying protein-protein interaction sites. The method holds significant implications for the rational design of new therapeutic agents because of the functionally important protein-protein interactions it can predict. These macromolecular interactions are a fundamental basis of all cellular processes, including the human immune system’s recognition of, and response to, pathogens such as viruses.

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