Positron Corporation Announces Strontium Sale

Published: Dec 07, 2012

CHICAGO, Dec. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Positron Corporation (OTCBB: POSC) posts their first commercial sale and shipment of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) grade Strontium-82 to a North American pharmaceutical company. Manhattan Isotope Technology (MIT), LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Position Corporation, completed the processing, production and shipment of their API grade strontium-82, which was delivered this week. The API was produced from target material received from one of its foreign collaborators for target irradiation.

Strontium-82, API, is used exclusively to manufacture rubidium-82 generators and is the most widely accepted Positron Emission Tomography (PET) agent utilized in myocardial perfusion imaging.

"I and my team at MIT, have been developing our isotope production business for many years. This API shipment is a culmination of our company's expertise, research & development efforts, dedication to our isotope program and the efficiencies of MIT's Sr-82 production facility," said Jason Kitten, President of MIT and Positron's Director of Radiopharmaceutical & Radioisotope Production. "Positron's commitment to Rb-82 based cardiac PET continues by addressing the single largest factor limiting its growth, Strontium-82 production. By building upon the current production base and increasing capacity, Positron will bring diversity and confidence to Sr-82 supply, thus providing further assurance that this technology will be a dependable, reliable modality for the nuclear cardiology community. The building blocks of Positron's vertical integration model for cardiac PET now includes Sr-82 API production and with this asset secured we've achieved a key milestone in our end-to-end solution's strategy."

About Positron: Positron Corporation is a nuclear medicine healthcare company vertically integrating all the segments of nuclear cardiologyproviding an end-to-end solution for cardiac PET. Through proprietary PET imaging systems, radiopharmaceuticals and radioisotopes solutions, Positron enables healthcare providers to more accurately diagnose disease and improve patient outcomes, while practicing cost effective medicine. Positron's unique products, market position and approach in securing the supply chain are substantial advantages, further accelerating the adoption of cardiac PET and growth of nuclear cardiology. Positron is redefining the industry. More information about Positron is available at www.positron.com.

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