Popularity Of San Meditech Mhealth' CGM Leads To Roll Out Of Version For The Physically Active Individual

Published: Jun 19, 2014

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BEIJING, June 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- San MediTech, the industry leader in dynamic glucose monitoring technology, has recently launched the world first mHealth (Mobile Health) Dynamic Glucose Monitoring System (DGMS) -- San MediTech mHealth' CGM, and unveiled the new product at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 74th Scientific Sessions. At the same time, San MediTech has announced that the company will roll out a selected "sports" version CGM, which is specially designed for individuals who regularly engage in sports or who are physically active. The version is ideally suited for the individuals engaged in the military, in paramilitary forces and in law enforcement as well as for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.

San MediTech mHealth' CGM, a product used as a mobile phone app for diabetics to monitor their glucose, is the world's first and only as well as the most specialized and advanced product in the mHealth field. The companies' proprietary biosensor, wireless transmission, cloud calculation, GPS and 3G technologies have been organically integrated into the app by San MediTech. Diabetics can download the app into their mobile phones and run the app to monitor their glucose, assuring uninterrupted 24-hour round-the-clock monitoring and protection.

The world's smart phone user base will reach 1.75 billion globally in 2014. The launch of San MediTech mHealth' CGM will massively transform the life of diabetics. In China, up until now, only by being hospitalized can a diabetic get round-the-clock glucose monitoring data. Nevertheless, data obtained under such conditions cannot in any way be an accurate reflection of the true glucose conditions of a diabetic going through a normally active daily routine. San MediTech mHealth' CGM allows users to chart the influence on their glucose of the day's events (including the amount and type of exercise, diet, mood and consistent habits), enabling diabetics to adjust their lifestyle based on the monitoring data. Diabetics taking insulin can use this system to evaluate the effectiveness of their medication and adjust the dosage accordingly.

The innovative features of San MediTech mHealth' CGM are quite a bit beyond the expectations of traditional healthcare, and has immediately been accepted by both diabetics and health experts as soon as it was launched. The product has received favorable comments from many participants at the recently concluded American Diabetes Association (ADA) 74th Scientific Sessions. San MediTech chairman Hao Gang announced at the ADA meeting that the company plans to roll out the CGM technology to the world's healthy population as a method for measuring the various life signs while exercising, as well as roll out a selected "sports" version CGM for sports enthusiasts and the physically active.

The Chairman said the sports version CGM, specially designed for people who are physically active and who regularly exercise, is ideally suited for members of the military, paramilitary units and law enforcement as well athletes in training and professional sportsmen. The system is used mainly for charting glucose, yet it can record the wearer's heartbeat, heart rate, blood pressure and aspartic acid, among other life signs. The device is worn on the upper arm, and the wearer's mobile phone picks up the signal and transmits the data to the backstage cloud management platform (no data will be shown on the wearer's mobile phone and the reference glucose is input into the phone). The system is equipped with 2 positioning systems: the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) and GPS. Users can, through the device, talk with the product's support team who can monitor the wearer's physical condition and provide personalized feedback. The device can also be used by military personnel and sportsmen in training to simultaneously monitor their physical abilities, enabling them to hone their skills while at the same time providing life protection.

About San MediTech
San MediTech, founded in 2003, is a specialized developer and marketer of Dynamic Glucose Monitoring products, which owns several world-leading patent technologies in the field. The company has been working on developing different Dynamic Glucose Monitoring products for both hospitals and individuals to serve specific uses, helping diabetics take advantage of the world's most advanced technology to control glucose.

About ADA
The American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions is the largest diabetes meeting in the world, bringing together thousands of participants from America and the world-including experts, professors, clinicians and researchers. The latest research findings from every corner of the world and famous universities and research institutes in America will be presented at the sessions. The ADA Sessions, a wind vane in the prevention and cure of diabetes worldwide, is the top-level seminar in diabetes research area. At the sessions, industry experts, professors and attendees will exchange latest information about diabetes research, their views, opinions, comments and information about their ongoing scientific research activities in their labs.

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SOURCE San MediTech

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