Phylloceuticals to Deliver Affordable Medicine to Underserved Areas


DENVER, Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Phylloceuticals, a privately-held, global technology company dedicated to providing medicine to underserved areas of the world, announced its formation today. The privately held company released details on their PhAAST™ platform, which uses plant-made pharmaceuticals to enable regions and countries to quickly ramp up production of much-needed biologics with public/private and private investment.


Phylloceuticals to Deliver Affordable Medicine to Underserved Areas

PhAAST™, or Pharmaceuticals As A Service Technology, is a unique concept that uses a plant-made technology which offers rapid development of biopharmaceutical products at lower capital expense and operating cost. Drug development and manufacturing can happen fast (PhAAST™), enabling countries and regions to quickly develop reliable supply chains for needed biologics medicines.  Rather than relying upon the traditional engineering and construction or CDMO models to deliver manufactured drugs, Phylloceuticals' model helps nucleate teams to produce independently, with a proven production system and ongoing support from the Phylloceuticals team. Phyllo, which is a Greek work meaning 'leaf,' signifies the plant-made technology which fuels the PhAAST™ delivery.

For more than three decades, the founding partners of Phylloceuticals have worked across the pharmaceutical industry.  Their separate career paths have brought them together on a variety of award-winning projects. The strength and deep experience of the cross-functional team lies at the heart of the Phylloceuticals model.  The company has a complete portfolio of skillsets, including drug development, regulatory strategy and enablement,  full scale manufacturing and marketing support for company and product launch. PhAAST™ also includes groundbreaking data analytics, and top-level AI-enabled process control. This platform fosters continuous improvement and can be monitored from anywhere for a reproducible model that can be replicated across regions and markets underserved currently by large pharma.

Phylloceuticals CEO Bill Brydges says: "In regions such as Vietnam, Africa, the MENA region and even Australia and Singapore, commonly prescribed biologics like rituximab for lymphoma and inflammatory diseases may currently be in short supply, or even unavailable to all but the wealthiest. COVID-19 highlighted supply chain difficulties for these regions.  The need to rapidly ramp up and supply needed drugs for their own populations was the inspiration behind the formation of Phylloceuticals."

The rising demand for high-quality recombinant therapeutics has driven development of cell-based manufacturing systems for improved production yields. Yet cell-based systems require much higher capital investments and operating costs to finance. Protein therapies now treat a vast number of indications including cancer, diabetes, and inflammatory diseases, and provide a rapid response vaccine platform. Monoclonal antibodies represent the largest market segment at 40% of global market.  Other categories include vaccines, antibody drug conjugates, enzyme replacement, diabetes treatments including recombinant insulin, interferons and blood factors.

Phylloceutical CSO Barry Holtz, PhD says: "When you bring us an opportunity, feasibility data will be available for you very rapidly. Using our plant-made pharmaceutical (PMP) platform, scale-up is rapid and predictable from early stage process development. The upstream process is always the same and much more cost effective than traditional bioreactor based systems. We have designed a next-gen PMP system incorporating newer plant culture automation, real time AI analytics and the latest in downstream improvements for biologics manufacturing. The time to market is greatly reduced using these new systems and as a result of our years of experience in full-scale manufacturing."  

"Prepare for some exciting news in the near future," - Phylloceutical spokesperson Susan Stipa. The individuals on the Phylloceuticals team have been improving lives for forty years with a variety of skill sets, providing creative therapeutic solutions to difficult medical problems and solving complex challenges for biologics manufacturers. "The experience, expertise, and intellectual property that each of the Phylloceutical partners bring to the table is unsurpassed and highly complementary and their dedication to doing good, by helping underserved areas of the world gain access to the drugs they need, is truly admirable," says Stipa.

The news on the formation of Phylloceuticals was welcomed throughout the industry. "We believe the formation of such a novel new company to address the current weaknesses in the pharmaceutical supply chain couldn't come at a better moment, says Dr. Sancha Salgueiro, CEO of Chart Bio in Denmark.  "I know all of the partners personally, from their prior careers, and to see them collaboratively establish this new method of effectively delivering medicine to those with major unmet drug supply needs, is a tremendous step forward for our industry," says Dr.Bernard Guay of BGC Pharma Consulting.

Phylloceuticals will establish joint development agreements with investors, regions and clients.  Other terms of the company formation were not disclosed. 

About Phylloceuticals

Phylloceuticals is a global technology company dedicated to providing affordable medicine to underserved areas of the world. Founded in 2021, Phylloceuticals is rapidly building a reputation for solving complex technical challenges in the most demanding environments — and allowing needed drugs to be produced locally, with ongoing support from our team.

Phylloceuticals uses a plant-made technology which offers lower overall investment and a much quicker response time for drug development. Drug development and manufacturing happen fast (PhAAST™), empowering underserved areas of the world to gain access to biologics medicines that other areas of the world take for granted. Phylloceuticals is not a CDMO. We are not a biologics or pharma company. Our mission is to nucleate, enable, and help construct companies in these traditionally underserved regions and underserved markets to manufacture biologics with our plant-made technology. We call it PhAAST™ - Pharmaceuticals as a Service Technology.

About PhAAST™

PhAAST™ (Pharmaceuticals as a Service Technology) means:

  • Lower cost facilities and operations
  • Continuous improvements in plant-made pharmaceutical manufacturing systems
  • Rapid process and product development of new pharmaceutical candidates
  • Continuously optimized product vectors for an expanding product pipeline and increased production yield.
  • Management and staff recruitment and training
  • Centralized expert data management by automated quality control systems and data security through block chain technology
  • Regulatory support and clinical trial structure and management
  • Definition of geographic regions for marketing products, with a special emphasis on bringing biologics manufacturing to underserved areas
  • Assistance with obtaining capital
  • Marketing launch assistance for new companies

For more information on Phylloceuticals, please visit and connect with Phylloceuticals on LinkedIn.

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