Phesi Files Patent for Proprietary Method and System for Developing Clinical Trial Protocols

EAST LYME, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Phesi, a data-driven provider of premier clinical development services, today announced it has filed a patent for its proprietary method and system for developing feasible clinical trial protocols. The patent application, #2549-PRO, filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), specifically covers Phesi’s technology for developing and/or optimizing a protocol’s inclusion/exclusion criteria, based on quantitative analysis of historical data.

Phesi’s patent application pertains to a method and system to expedite development of final criteria for a clinical protocol with reliable high quality and consistent objectivity. The method and system are designed to align the trial objective with a quantitative analysis of potential risks.

“Clinical trials are the workhorses of the pharmaceutical industry, the basis of the safe and effective use of new therapies,” said Gen Li, PhD, MBA, founder and chief executive officer of Phesi. “However, many clinical trials take longer than expected because of patient enrollment difficulties, which often result from suboptimal protocol design. This patent application covers an invention that provides a technical solution for designing a feasible protocol based on a targeted patient population. Our intellectual property yields valuable insights not only from successful clinical trials, but also from failed ones, including numerous high-profile failures.”

The USPTO has assigned the U.S. Serial Number 62/716,019 to Phesi’s patent application, which reflects the Company’s approach to data-driven drug development. Phesi’s approach utilizes millions of automated, dynamic, and real-time data sources to generate accurate and reliable insights. It enables faster patient enrollment and trial completion by facilitating assessment of competitive trial sites and identifying optimal sites. Additionally, by enabling relevant and accurate protocol design, Phesi’s approach heightens chances of trial success and optimizes the path toward regulatory approval.

More About Phesi

Founded in 2007 as Pharmaceutical Pipeline Enhancement Strategies, Phesi is a dynamic, data-driven drug development company, providing comprehensive clinical development services for life sciences companies around the world. Phesi’s integrated service offerings cover the entire clinical development process: from development planning and indication assessment to protocol evaluation, site selection, and trial implementation management.

Phesi has the industry’s most comprehensive and dynamic clinical trials database and predictive analytics tools, including 213,000 interventional, randomized clinical trials, 604,000 completed clinical research projects, and over 1.6 million investigator records from multicenter interventional clinical trials.

The leadership team at Phesi is driving the future of pharmaceutical R&D, offering unique perspectives on the optimal role of digital technology, the importance of building service organizations around new technology, and an overall understanding of the transformation that needs to happen to improve clinical development.

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