Phalanx Biotech Group Launches microRNA OneArray(R) Microarray - miRBase r18

Published: Mar 13, 2012

BELMONT, Calif., March 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Phalanx Biotech Group, a global genomic products and service provider, announces today the commercial availability of its OneArray® microRNA expression profiling microarrays based on the latest miRBase release 18. As compared to miRBase release 17, 234 novel mature microRNA sequences from the human, mouse and rat species have been added. The OneArray® microRNA v4 microarrays contain the highest coverage for these species on the market.

"At Phalanx Biotech, we recognize the importance of providing our microarray customers with probe content that matches the latest database annotations. With the fourth update to our microRNA OneArray® product line and specialized protocols for FFPE, serum, urine, rice plant samples and high efficiency hybridization, our one-stop service facility from the original array provider, offer scientists the most comprehensive solution for microRNA expression profiling," said Shengwan Lee, Ph.D., President and CEO. "In combination with over 100% growth of our OneArray® microRNA business in 2011, we are extremely pleased with the adoption of our microarrays among the research community and anticipate an even greater growth rate in our microRNA business this year."

The OneArray® line of microRNA microarrays are available for human, mouse, rat and seven major plant species - rice, corn, soybean, grapevine, sorghum, arabidopsis, and brachypodium. All microRNA microarrays feature isothermal probe design, triplicate probe redundancy, unmatched intraspot homogeneity, and excellent array-to-array consistency. Custom array design and manufacturing for specific species of interest is also available upon request.

About microRNA

MicroRNA or miRNA are short ribonucleic acid molecules (approximately 22 nucleotides long) that often play roles in regulating the expression of genes, usually by binding to target messenger RNA (mRNA) sequences and impeding their function through mRNA degradation or blocking the translation of mRNA. Researchers are focusing their efforts in uncovering the regulatory circuitry afforded by microRNA investigating the role of microRNA in processes as diverse as embryonic development, cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis. Because of their important role in the regulation of gene expression, investigation of microRNA function has implications for cancer, heart disease, and nervous system research.

About Phalanx Biotech Group

Phalanx Biotech Group, with operations in California, Taiwan and China, provides genomics research products and services worldwide to academic, clinical, pharmaceutical and biotech communities. Built on world-class, integrated-chip foundry technology, Phalanx Biotech has developed the OneArray® line of high-quality and affordable microarrays for expression profiling of whole genomes (human, mouse, rat, yeast and rice), microRNA (human, mouse, rat and plants), and custom targets. Our highly-trained service specialists provide a comprehensive offering of gene expression and microRNA expression profiling services for biomarker discovery including sample preparation, expression analysis, and qPCR validation. For more information about our products and services, please visit our website at


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