Phadia US Inc. Announces Agreement With Bio-Reference Laboratories to Supply Advanced Allergy Diagnostic Testing to Physicians

Published: Aug 07, 2007

PORTAGE, Mich., Aug. 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Phadia US Inc. announced today a new long term agreement with Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc, . The agreement will allow Bio-Reference Laboratories to supply ImmunoCAP(R) specific IgE blood tests to its customers, including those covered by United Healthcare, which reinforces the company's record of providing better healthcare through enhanced technology.

"We consistently evaluate advances in technology, providing our physicians with the best information to make sound diagnostic and treatment decisions," said Warren W. Erdmann, Senior Vice President, Director of Operations, Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc. "Our customers will now have access to the most accurate diagnostic blood test, giving them knowledge to more effectively manage their patients with allergy-like symptoms."

As the innovators and manufacturers of ImmunoCAP, Phadia provides the most advanced IgE testing in the world. As the prevalence of allergies and asthma increase worldwide, and particularly in the United States where primary care physicians manage more of these patients than any other physician group, making this technology available is crucial for the physicians that Bio-Reference Laboratories services.

"Phadia is pleased to be working with Bio-Reference to maintain our strong presence for ImmunoCAP in the Northeast. United Healthcare's new national contract with Laboratory Corporation of America has made it difficult for many doctors in the greater New York metro area to order ImmunoCAP technology for their United Healthcare patients. As a regional network provider for United Healthcare, Bio-Reference fills a void and ensures that these patients have access to the most accurate and sophisticated diagnostic technology," said Michael Land, president and general manager of Phadia US, Inc.

The ImmunoCAP technology works by measuring IgE antibodies to specific allergens in a small sample of blood. Specific IgE is produced as a result of sensitization to an allergen and increases with exposure to that substance. ImmunoCAP was the first allergy test to be cleared by the FDA as a truly quantitative test for pinpointing allergens and has recently been shown to produce the most accurate results. Allergy blood testing is recognized by the National Institutes of Health for the management of patients with asthma.

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Phadia AB, headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, is the world leader in in vitro IgE diagnostic research and product development. Its U.S. affiliate is in Portage, Michigan. For more information, call Phadia Customer Service at 1-800-346-4364.

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