Pfenex Inc. and ProZyme, Inc. Establish Joint Collaboration and Supply Agreement

San Diego, CA and Hayward, CA January 10, 2012 – Pfenex Inc. and ProZyme, Inc. today announced that they have entered into a joint collaboration and supply agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Pfenex and ProZyme will collaborate to develop and manufacture a range of value-added proteins which will be marketed and sold to customers in the research and diagnostics market space. Pfenex will provide ProZyme with exclusive access to the cutting edge Pfenex Expression Technology™ platform for the production of an initial set of three undisclosed proteins. Pfenex will be responsible for developing production strains, fermentation process conditions and supplying bulk protein to ProZyme. ProZyme will be responsible for final product release, application support, as well as marketing and sales to customers globally.

The parties will establish a joint steering committee which will oversee the development of these and future new products that will ultimately be marketed and sold by ProZyme.

“We are pleased to establish this strategic relationship with ProZyme." stated Dr. Bertrand Liang, CEO of Pfenex Inc., “This agreement represents another significant milestone in the growth of our company and demonstrates once again the ability for us to leverage our Pfenex Expression Technology™ platform along with our experience and infrastructure to provide commercial-scale quantities of specialty proteins. We welcome the opportunity to work with a world-class partner such as ProZyme to enable placing high-quality proteins in the hands of life science researchers. We are very impressed with ProZyme’s reputation, capabilities, sales network and deep insight into the research proteins market and look forward to growing this relationship.”

“We are excited by our collaboration with Pfenex Inc.” stated Jo Wegstein, President of ProZyme, Inc., “We expect our combined capabilities to transform the supply of specialty proteins, enabling us to better meet growth opportunities in the life science markets for large-scale, high quality proteins.”

About Pfenex Inc.

Pfenex Inc. is a protein production company leveraging the unique and powerful Pfenex Expression Technology™ platform based on the microorganism, Pseudomonas fluorescens, for the production of research proteins, reagent proteins, biosimilars and innovator biopharmaceuticals. For more information please visit

About Prozyme, Inc.

ProZyme, Inc., established in 1990, specializes in the development of value-added reagents, kits and platforms for improved analytical results. Technologies used includes: microbial fermentation sciences; large-scale native and recombinant purification and formulation; assay development and analytical services for our customers. Analytical methods employed include HPLC, CE, bead-based immunassays and ELISAs.

Pfenex Contact:

Cassidy Brady

Marketing Manager

Pfenex Inc.


ProZyme Contact:

Justin Hyche

Business Unit Manager

ProZyme, Inc.


Cassidy Brady

Marketing Manager

Pfenex Inc.

Cell: 858-344-7207


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