Perspectum Present Evidence of Cost-Effectiveness of LiverMultiScan® and Link Between NAFLD and COVID-19 Severity at The Liver Meeting Digital Experience™ (TLMdX) 2020

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Perspectum® will be unveiling new data at The Liver Meeting® 2020, with two oral presentations and six posters highlighting both the utility and diagnostic accuracy of LiverMultiScan®, as well as the link between NAFLD and the increasing risk of hospitalization with severe COVID-19.

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LiverMultiScan with Elevated cT1© (Photo: Business Wire)

LiverMultiScan with Elevated cT1© (Photo: Business Wire)

Further evidence for LiverMultiScan’s importance in the diagnosis and management of NASH will be presented with results from a large-scale biopsy-paired dataset on the diagnostic accuracy of cT1® and MRI-PDFF discussed during oral session #0055 ‘Diagnostic accuracy of MRI biomarkers cT1 and fat for high-risk non-alcoholic steatohepatitis’ on Saturday 14th Nov at 5:30PM. These data support the use of imaging biomarkers alone or in combination with simple blood-based biomarkers (using the cTAG Risk Score) to non-invasively identify high-risk NASH patients.

Bolstering this, results of the first head-to-head study comparing LiverMultiScan, FibroScan, Sheer Wave Elastography and Magnetic Resonance Elastography in the detection of NASH will be presented. A comparison of MRI-PDFF and CAP as indicators of hepatic steatosis is also due to be presented, with findings showing Perspectum’s MRI-PDFF measure has a much stronger correlation to biopsy than CAP, highlighting its utility as a tool for both diagnosis and monitoring of NASH in clinical trials and clinical practice.

Arguments for the repositioning of liver biopsy in the clinical care pathway are discussed in a meta-analysis of biopsy complications, providing definitive data to inform health economic analysis on the current clinical pathway for chronic liver disease and guide decisions on the use of biopsy in NASH trials.

Results from a clinically validated microsimulation model comparing the cost-effectiveness of various imaging modalities and liver biopsy in the detection of high-risk NASH showed that LiverMultiScan alone is the most cost-effective, with the highest proportion (86.4%) of patients diagnosed. These results demonstrate not only the economic value of LiverMultiScan in terms of cost-savings but also its clinical value in identifying high-risk NASH patients for emerging therapies without the need for a liver biopsy.

Perspectum’s second oral presentation of the meeting will reveal key findings on NAFLD and COVID-19 risk severity. This data demonstrates a link between NAFLD, BMI and the risk of hospitalization with severe COVID-19. Obese patients with fatty liver had 2.85x higher risk of symptomatic COVID-19. This highlights the value of identifying high-risk subpopulations with non-invasive imaging to guide clinical and lifestyle interventions.

Full details of posters and talks being presented:

  • Diagnostic accuracy of MRI biomarkers cT1 and fat for high-risk non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (#0055, Saturday 14th Nov 5:30PM)
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) associates with higher risk of developing symptomatic COVID19 infection - Initial UK Biobank Observations (#0104, Sunday 15th Nov 5:30PM)
  • Meta-analysis of complications from liver biopsy: a 2010-2020 update for chronic liver disease (#1528, available throughout)
  • Comparative performance of Non-invasive imaging modalities for the diagnosis of NASH in a Japanese NAFLD population. (#1496, available throughout)
  • Comparative cost-effectiveness of multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging for detection of high-risk nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (#1495, available throughout)
  • Comparison Between PDFF And CAP as Indicators of Hepatic Steatosis in a Pooled NASH Cohort (#1498, available throughout)
  • Liver Volume Diurnal Variation in UK Biobank (#0599, available throughout)
  • Interactions With FDA And EMA: The LITMUS Experience From Qualification Advice on Biomarkers in NASH (#1524, available throughout)

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LiverMultiScan with Elevated cT1© (Photo: Business Wire)

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