Personal Genome Diagnostics Launches PlasmaSELECT 64 Panel For Non-Invasive Pan-Cancer Tumor Profiling

BALTIMORE, Oct. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Personal Genome Diagnostics Inc. (PGDx), a leading provider of advanced cancer genome testing products and services, today announced the launch of its PlasmaSELECTTM 64 targeted panel for pan-cancer tumor profiling. PlasmaSELECT 64 identifies clinically actionable and functionally important sequence mutations and structural alterations across multiple cancer types without the need for invasive biopsies. The assay incorporates proprietary PGDx technologies and bioinformatics to identify sequence mutations with exceptional accuracy.

Personal Genome Diagnostics, Inc.

"The ability to accurately identify genetic alterations has never been more important, as advances in immuno-oncology and other targeted therapies are rapidly increasing the clinical relevance of tumor profiling," said Doug Ward, Chief Executive Officer of Personal Genome Diagnostics. "In accordance with our commitment to leadership in genomic profiling for cancer, we are launching our PlasmaSELECT 64 assay as an important new tool for oncologists and their patients. All mutations known to be relevant to clinical decision-making are evaluated with high accuracy and can be obtained from a simple blood draw, with test results from our CLIA lab available in 2-3 weeks. We expect to continue to update the PlasmaSELECT panel as new clinical information and therapeutic candidates become available."

PGDx believes that PlasmaSELECT 64 is the most clinically actionable, CLIA-validated pan-cancer plasma assay available on the market today. The genes in PlasmaSELECT 64 were selected based on their clinical relevance and actionability. These genes have been shown to have biological and functional relevance to aid in making treatment decisions and include regions associated with acquired drug resistance and sensitivity. PlasmaSELECT 64 includes15 unique biomarkers, 11 of which are associated with active clinical trials. 

The liquid biopsy assay encompasses single base substitutions, insertions and deletions, amplifications, and rearrangements. Test results include comprehensive clinical annotations of all reported alterations, including, FDA-approved therapies, clinical trials and published literature references.

The exceptional level of accuracy afforded by PlasmaSELECT 64 reflects several factors unique to PGDx. First, the company's DNA extraction and proprietary sample preparation methods accommodate low-abundance cell-free DNA samples. PGDx's proprietary hybrid-capture processing in combination with high-coverage, next-generation sequencing further enhance the sensitivity and accuracy of results. Proprietary PARE and Digital Karyotyping technologies, combined with VariantDxTM computational algorithms, ensure that bona fide mutations are distinguished from sequencing artifacts and errors.

For more information on the PlasmaSELECT 64 pan cancer assay, click here.

PGDx offers a complete range of cancer genome analysis tools, including exome and targeted approaches for tissue specimens, targeted approaches for plasma samples and a variety of custom tissue and plasma-based options designed to address the specific research needs of cancer researchers and drug developers. It was established in 2010 by researchers from Johns Hopkins University who are pioneers in cancer genome sequencing and liquid biopsy technologies. Under the leadership of founders Drs. Luis Diaz and Victor Velculescu, the company has achieved consistent growth by successfully commercializing novel clinical and investigational products and services for researchers, drug developers, molecular testing laboratories and physicians and patients. PGDx's service offerings for researchers and testing labs are complemented by the clinical services it provides through its CLIA-certified laboratory. 

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