Patrys Limited Release: United States Patent Granted For Pre-clinical IgM Candidate PAT-LM1

Published: Oct 11, 2017

Melbourne, Australia; 11 October, 2017: Patrys Limited (ASX: PAB), a clinical stage biotechnology company is pleased to advise that it has been granted a US patent for its anti-cancer pre-clinical candidate PAT-LM1.

The United States Patent Office has issued correspondence confirming the grant of a key patent in the PAT-LM1 family; patent number 9,783,599; entitled “LM-1 antibodies, functional fragments, LM-1 target antigen, and methods for making and using same”.

The US patent is derived from one of a series of patent applications that have been submitted to cover the PAT-LM1 product and target. The claims in this patent cover PAT-LM1 for use in treating colon cancer metastasis.

To date, eight patents across the PAT-LM1 families have been granted in three jurisdictions including the United States, Europe and United Kingdom. Patrys has an additional application pending in Europe.

“Patrys has an ongoing program to out-license PAT-LM1 and the granting of this additional patent strengthens the IP portfolio for business development efforts,” said Dr James Campbell, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Patrys.

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