Patrys Limited Expands Clinical Trial to New Site in Queensland

Published: Sep 19, 2011

Melbourne, Australia; 19 September, 2011: Patrys Limited (ASX: PAB; “the Company”), today announced the initiation of a second clinical centre, Princess Alexandra Hospital based in Queensland, in its Phase I clinical trial of anti-cancer antibody PAT-SM6 for the treatment of melanoma.

Princess Alexander Hospital joins the Royal Adelaide Hospital, which is currently recruiting the third group of patients. Significantly, no safety issues have been observed or reported for any patients treated, to date, with PAT-SM6. Additionally, recent analysis of tumour samples from two patients treated with PAT-SM6 found that the antibody had penetrated into the tumour biopsies, even though the doses were substantially below the anticipated therapeutic levels.

Dr Marie Roskrow, CEO said: “We have recently announced that the third cohort is open for recruitment, with an additional centre involved in the study this should enable us to advance the study quickly. As the trial progresses it is also important to have additional centres ready to assist in the next phase of testing for PAT-SM6.”

Associate Professor Mark Smithers, lead investigator for the trial at Princess Alexandra Hospital added: “We are pleased to support this trial at Princess Alexandra Hospital and offer patients a trial that is investigating a new treatment for the very difficult problem of recurrent melanoma.”

PAT-SM6 is a natural human antibody that has shown promise as a potential treatment for multiple types of cancer including melanoma. It is the first reported clinical product to target an important protein on the surface of cancer cells called GRP78 that plays a number of key roles in cancer cell survival, growth and metastasis.

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