PathoQuest Announces Partnership With Charles River

This preferred partnership agreement will provide Charles River customers access to PathoQuest’s NGS-based testing solution, which can identify viral contaminants in biological products via a single comprehensive test, overcoming limitations of current viral safety testing methods.

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PathoQuest, a rapidly growing biotechnology company spun out from Institut Pasteur, today announced a preferred partnership with Charles River Laboratories, an early-stage contract research organization (CRO), to provide an improved Viral Safety Service offering to biopharmaceutical companies. While traditional molecular approaches to safety testing are limited to the identification of a limited, predefined list of viruses, the PathoQuest’s next generation sequencing (NGS) solution combines a proprietary curated virus database with an automated analysis pipeline. This provides a universal test for identifying viruses of any type in a single, comprehensive analysis that minimizes false negatives.

“In a challenging regulatory environment, we anticipate that PathoQuest’s NGS-based viral safety test will become the new gold standard in biosafety assessment.”

“We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with PathoQuest and look forward to offering this unique NGS-based testing solution to our customers,” stated Horst Ruppach, Global Director, Viral Clearance and Virology at Charles River Laboratories. “We believe this advanced viral safety testing solution is an important supplement to ensuring the safety of biological products produced by the biopharmaceutical industry.”

“Charles River’s global footprint and extensive experience in biologics testing opens a great opportunity for biopharmaceutical companies to access our NGS-based solutions,” said Jean-François BREPSON, President and CEO of PathoQuest. “In a challenging regulatory environment, we anticipate that PathoQuest’s NGS-based viral safety test will become the new gold standard in biosafety assessment.”

With this partnership agreement, PathoQuest demonstrates its unique know-how and expertise in the field of pathogen identification with a fully-integrated, NGS-based metagenomics process for identifying pathogens from biological specimens and samples and the delivery of an actionable report.

In the wake of viral contaminants of several high-profile marketed biological products, the biopharmaceutical industry is increasingly looking for improved methods for viral safety testing of biological products such as monoclonal antibodies or vaccines.

About PathoQuest

Greater Pathogen Detection for Better Decisions

PathoQuest, a spin out of Institut Pasteur, is a biotechnology company offering a game changing metagenomics approach to improve pathogen detection in biological samples. PathoQuest’s technology, which is applicable to several sample types, combines NGS, a proprietary sample preparation process, a comprehensive and curated database of pathogens genomic sequence information and an automated analysis pipeline. It provides clinicians and biopharma companies with a comprehensive analysis covering all known relevant human pathogens and bioproduction viral contaminants.

This method overcomes the current limitation of pathogens detection, i.e. the need to specify the pathogens to be analysed. PathoQuest’s Viral Safety testing service, directed towards biopharmaceutical companies, is the company’s first revenue-generating commercial application of its NGS testing approach, and is used by several major biopharma companies.

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