Parascript Receives CE Mark for AccuDetect Galileo Computer Aided Detection Software for Mammography

Published: Sep 27, 2010

LONGMONT, Colo., Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Parascript, LLC, the image analysis and pattern recognition technology provider, today announced that it received CE (Conformite Europeenne) Mark for AccuDetect® Galileo Computer Aided Detection (CAD) software. CE Mark confirms that a product has met European consumer safety, health and legal requirements and allows the product to be marketed throughout Europe. AccuDetect Galileo CAD software performs a computerized second read of mammography images to help radiologists confirm that a suspicious area requires further investigation.

"I am very pleased with the results I have seen with AccuDetect Galileo," said Dr. Luigi Ceccaglia, director of Women's Health at Studio Medico. "Parascript's CAD software has surpassed my expectations, especially in detecting lesions, such as masses, with better detection rates and lower false positive marks than the technology we were using."

AccuDetect Galileo has been installed at the Studio Medico Dr. Ceccaglia in Cesena, Italy. Studio Medico is a private woman's health center offering breast imaging and the complete diagnosis in obstetrics and gynecology.

"We are very excited to have reached this important milestone, with the receipt of CE Mark for AccuDetect Galileo, and to have a first market demonstration in Italy that shows how our CAD, coupled with our voting technology, offers improved results," said Yuri Prizemin, director of product marketing for Parascript. "We look forward to deploying our CAD software with customers in the European Union."

Parascript believes the integration of several complementary algorithms within a single CAD system, or the utilization of two CAD systems, and sophisticated voting methods can enable the next generation CAD systems to achieve high sensitivity and low false positive rates for greater levels of certainty.

AccuDetect Galileo uses the integration of two CAD systems to create a robust CAD solution with improved lesion detection rates and lower false marks over systems that do not apply voting methods. Parascript has also developed a solution that integrates several proprietary algorithms, in a voting scheme within a single CAD system.

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