OriGene Technologies Pioneers High-Density Protein Microarray Chip for Optimal Validation of Antibody Specificity

Published: Jul 25, 2011

Breakthrough TechnologyEnables High ThroughputScreening of Antibodies Against10,000 HumanProteins

ROCKVILLE, Md., July 25, 2011/PRNewswire/ -- OriGene Technologies, Inc., a gene-centric life sciences company known for its development of cDNA clones,humanfull lengthproteins, antibodies, and other molecular tools for multiplex research introduces its major breakthrough technology High-DensityProteinMicroarrayChipfor the quality control of its (TrueMAB) monoclonal antibodies.

The new chip enables OriGene to screen monoclonal antibodies against 10,000 human proteins to provide the most specific monoclonal antibodies. The antibodies validated with the OriGene High-Density Protein Microarray Chip will enable IVD manufacturers to develop the most accurate and specific immunoassays for clinical applications.

"We are extremely pleased with our progress in achieving this significant advancement in our genome-wide high throughput antibody development program. Better measurement equates to better science. We are confident that this technology will advance research and the resulting analysis with validation superior to any other antibody manufacturer," commented Wei-Wu He, Ph.D., CEO & Chairman, OriGene Technologies.

To learn more about OriGene's High-DensityProtein MicroarrayChip, visit OriGene at AACC inAtlanta, GAatBooth #4254or go to www.origene.com.

OriGene Technologies, Inc., is a gene-centric life sciences company dedicated to support academic, pharmaceutical and biotech companies in their research of gene functions and drug discovery. OriGene develops proteins, antibodies, and other molecular tools to allow researchers to analyze their data on amultiplex level. OriGene's novel product lines include the world's largest cDNA and shRNA clonecollections, over 5,000 purified human proteins, ~ 7000 high quality antibodies, and 100,000 highly validated human tissues. OriGene also provides a broad range of antibody validation products including genome-wide tagged antigen standards and extensive IHC slides derived from our tissue collection.

SOURCE OriGene Technologies, Inc.

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